Top 8 self-improvement challenges to try for Lent 2022

Tired of the usual ‘giving up chocolate’ goal? Try these fun and productive ways to enjoy Lent
08: Reach your step goal

If you have a desk job, it can sometimes feel impossible to reach the daily 10,000 step goal, but for the six weeks of lent, make it a priority. Realistically speaking, taking the stairs over the elevator and walking to the corner shop rather than driving probably won’t be enough to get you there. So bring a friend or play a podcast and put aside some time each day to take a walk.

07: Quit apologising

We all make mistakes — it’s human nature. Having the ability to put our hands up and admit when we’re wrong is a great strength, but when we overdo it, it can damage our confidence and make us seem less authoritative. By consciously thinking about how and when we say the magic ‘S’ word, we can gain extra power and confidence, in both our personal and professional lives.

06: Sleep and wake up earlier

Setting your alarm clock 30 minutes or an hour early in the morning will have an amazing impact on the rest of your day. This healthy habit will help you become more productive, allowing you to tackle daily tasks much earlier than usual. Or maybe you want to implement new routines into your schedule that you don’t usually have time for? Whether you choose to practice yoga, read a book or clean the house, completing tasks earlier than usual will always make you feel good.

05: Social media detox

Freeing yourself from the restraints of social media is proven to have a number of benefits, including boosting your mental health, reducing feelings of anxiety, and improving your overall mood. With all this extra time on your hands, you’ll have the chance to do more of the things you love, such as reconnecting with family and friends, experimenting with new recipes or even just sitting down and relaxing.

04: Don’t eat out

Have you ever stopped to calculate just how much money you spend on eating out? It’s scary how a few lunches here and there can rack up a pretty hefty bill. So challenge yourself to prepare all your meals, morning, noon, and night. They’re also likely to be healthier, as you’ll be in complete control of what you’re putting in.

03: Show gratitude

This one is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and all you need is an empty jar, a pad and a pen. Each day, tear off a little piece of paper, write the date, and then note something you’re grateful for, or something positive that happened to you during the day. Once lent has finished, read back through your days and relive all the positivity that came your way.

02: Give up online shopping

All you shopaholics out there, don’t skip past this point. With everything we could possibly need at our fingertips, and with next day delivery at our disposal, it can be easy to fall victim to impulse buying. At first it may seem like a harmless habit, but the vicious buy-and-return cycle has a negative impact on the environment (due to travel emissions, plastic packaging, etc.) – not to mention our bank balances, too.

01: Stop working weekends

Ah, we’re all guilty of this one, and it can be so hard to resist if you’re eager to get ahead. But alas, a few weekends off will unlikely have a negative impact on your performance. Besides, maybe you’ll become more productive throughout the week if you know you can’t spill over into your Saturday? Use your weekends for their intended purpose – to relax, recharge, and to enjoy life!


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