A day in the life of the March8 Editor

To kick off our new ‘day in the life’ series, Lucy Buchholz shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be the editor of March8

Only 15% of people in the world actually enjoy their jobs, meaning a staggering 85% don’t – mindblowing when you consider that we spend approximately one-third of our lives at work.

But here at March8, we believe everyone should follow a career path they find fulfilling, which fuels them with genuine excitement for life and the industry they’re in. That’s why we’re celebrating various different careers and giving a sneak peek into the lives of women who wholeheartedly love what they do – even on the tough days.

As I have fortunately found myself in the 15%, I guess I better go first… 

Monday mornings at March8

Monday mornings are always harder to swallow when you have a 6AM start. I really try my best to be active (I’ll be honest, it’s usually very hit and miss), but today I managed to pull myself out of bed, go on a quick walk and cook a healthy breakfast.

By the time I had a shower and fed the cat, it was time to embark on my commute to BizClik Media HQ – based in Norwich – which takes about an hour and a half. 

But before my day can really start, I need coffee. And luckily today, the lovely Samantha Mooney organised a charity cake sale for MacMillan Cancer Research, so we were tempted with delicious treats to get the week going.

At 8:30AM, our small-but-might all-female team of four have daily stand-up meeting, where we discuss news, the upcoming week and of course, all the exciting things we got up to at the weekend. The girls make work even more enjoyable, not only because they’re enthusiastic, passionate and highly motivated work colleagues, but because we’re all friends too.

My focus then shifts to every journalist’s true passion: news. At March8, we celebrate anything and everything that educates, motivates and elevates women in the corporate world, so I love that the first part of my day is shining a positive light on the achievements of others. 

Once these are written, proofed and uploaded, I welcome the incredibly talented Rebekah Birleson, March8’s Creative Desginer over to the editorial department. She’s always ready to flood me with the cool concepts she’s prepared for the upcoming March8 issue. Today, we’re finishing the Top 100 Women Leaders magazine, which we’ll be launching in the next few weeks (watch this space!).

Afternoons as an editor

Although cakes and catch-ups made today a particularly good Monday, the fact that it was payday put the cherry on top. So, we celebrated by taking a little trip to H&M before buying lunch. Of course, we had a quick game of ping pong before heading back to work (because it would be rude not to, right?). 

At 2PM, it was back to business and the team reunited in Stacy Norman’s office – the brains and driving force behind March8. During this time, we had a sector meeting to update each other on the progress of the upcoming magazines.

My afternoons are usually dedicated to writing and researching magazine content – which is secretly, my favourite part of the day. I love that my job allows me to take a deep dive into topics that truly interest me, while sharing the stories of some of the most inspiring women in business – I’m very lucky!

Before I leave, I had a quick catch-up with the one and only Emily Cook, March8’s Marketing Manager. Sadly for us, Emily has just moved to Bristol so all our chats are via the magic of Zoom, but nonetheless, we have a very productive conversation about March8’s upcoming events. 

Once the day is done, I drive home, make dinner (tonight, it was a classic spaghetti bolognese) and look forward to putting my feet up. However today, I had to look after my friend’s four-legged companion, as he was too sick to take him for a walk. Theo, a St Bernard cross alsatian, ended up taking me on a walk, but I can’t complain as he helped me reach my 10,000-step goal!

Finally, it was time to switch on the TV, before diving into my Stephen King novel. Even after a hectic day, I always try to read a few pages as it helps to clear my mind and get me ready for the challenges that lie ahead tomorrow.

Thank you for joining me on a typical Monday at March8 – if you’d like to share the story of your day at work, please ping me an email on [email protected].


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