A holistic approach to the menopause with Lorraine Miano

Lorraine Miano
Lorraine Miano
Certified health and hormone coach Lorraine Miano shares her top tips on how women can take a holistic approach to the menopause

During the perimenopause years, women are often left feeling that, if they choose not to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT), they are going to be left to suffer through the symptoms of hormone imbalance. This could not be farther from the truth.

Perimenopause is the time leading up to menopause. During this time, ovaries are shutting down and hormones fluctuate. As we are each bio-individuals, this stage of reproductive life could last anywhere from two to fifteen years. The choice to avoid HRT may be due to possible side effects, or a personal or familial history of female cancers. Women choose holistic options for managing symptoms, whether using HRT or not.

A great way to begin is to pay attention to what I refer to as the five M’s of menopause: 

Meals: Add in foods that support your body and mind. Eating hormone-balancing foods such as cruciferous veggies, good fats, complex carbs, magnesium-rich, and gut-supporting foods will help to ease symptoms.

Mood: Emotional health is determined by a life/work balance as well as taking time to practise self-care. Put time for yourself on your calendar and keep appointments to attend yoga classes, get massages, or practise deep breathing exercises – these can all be wonderful ways to support your emotional wellbeing.

Movement: Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and help regulate your

hormones. Some of the best exercises for menopausal women are high-intensity

interval training (HIIT), pilates, yoga, Tai Chi, rebounding, and walking for at least 20 minutes each day.

Mindset makeover: Perception will often determine how we individually experience menopause. Western culture does a great job of demonising what could be the best years

of our lives. If you think it is going to be awful, it will be! Research shows that our health is significantly affected by our mindset, so start transforming the quality of your life with your thoughts.

Manifestation: In Tony Robbins’ new book, Life Force, he says: “It’s not our conditions, but our decisions that determine the quality of our lives”. It’s also important to remember that menopause is not an ending. It is a new beginning. Celebrate!


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