Why philanthropists need to focus on the climate crisis

Photo by Rachel Claire
Active Philanthropy’s Sandra Khusrawi talks us through the foundations of philanthropy, while highlighting the importance of climate-focused philanthropy

Although philanthropy can come in many different forms, Sandra Khusrawi from Active Philanthropy defines it as: “A potential force for driving innovation and leading transformational change. Apart from following a mission to change the world for the better, philanthropy offers individuals and families a chance to put one’s money where one’s mouth is and to take societal responsibility.”

Philanthropic actions target varying issues – some may focus on children and women, others on the environment, and yet others on reducing poverty, for example. However, there is one issue that is all-encompassing and will come to affect almost every part of society in one way or another: the climate crisis. Active Philanthropy, a pioneering Berlin-based non-profit advisory, has therefore made it its mission to enable individual and institutional funders to apply a climate lens to their giving and take an active part in dealing with the climate crisis.

To achieve its mission, Active Philanthropy offers a mixture of tailored guidance, general knowledge tools, as well as direct opportunities to engage, next to closed-group expeditions. Flagship projects of the organisation are its online short course “Climate + Philanthropy: A Compact Learning-Journey”, or the “Climate Solutions Hub”, a co-funding platform, which offers direct access to carefully chosen and thoroughly reviewed climate projects to support.

“Climate change affects all segments of society, but less than 2% of global philanthropic giving is currently dedicated to climate change mitigation,” Sandra adds. “Our expeditions have shown great impact when it comes to inspiring individuals to take climate action. The mix of science, the tangible experience of climate change, and the exchange with peers allows participants a unique change of mind and heart.”

To anyone interested in beginning their philanthropic journey, Sandra says: “Be bold! As a philanthropist, you have an unequalled position and a key role to push for necessary change and towards a more sustainable future.”


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