Become anyone you want with Antonina Fedorova

Psychological tourist Antonina Fedorova founded Anybe, as a way to help others find, explore and enjoy the concept of multiple lives

Do you ever feel stuck doing the same thing – or maybe being the same person? Antonina Fedorova certainly did, that’s why she founded Anybe, a platform that enables you to experient with your identity and become who you want to be. 

Hi Antonina, tell me about yourself and Anybe

Hi! I am a psychological tourist. I don’t enjoy the limitations that our lives have, so I break out of them. I do this by ‘traveling through’ different professional and social roles throughout my whole life.

I graduated from the university, spent some time as a bank worker, and basically, that was the end of my “traditional” life path. I know many people don’t like their office jobs, but for me, the traditional scheduled life full of things I was not interested in was something I couldn’t stand on a fundamental level.

So I set out on the path of learning who I am as a wholesome being. That’s why I formulated the concept of multiple lives. I believe that it’s impossible to read a lot of books, attend self-development seminars, or talk to a life coach, and then just wake up and realize who you are.

In my opinion, the best way to know yourself is to play this life to the fullest and experiment with different roles. Speaking of myself, I’ve already had 10 absolutely different lives.

Science-obsessed and book-addicted student, rock–n–roll girl inside and a banker outside, music tour manager, rapacous event-producer, "shanti" girl, business lady as if from Cafe Society, startup founder… Not only have I changed professional, but I also juggled appearances, social circles, habits, etc.

This chameleon way of life inspired me to show other people that they can do the same if they want. To remind everybody once and again that we are unlimited. This is how Anybe started.

So, Anybe is the platform connecting guides – real-life representatives of different social and professional roles, with their guests–curious people who want to look behind-the-stage of these roles. They get a few hours or a whole-day experience to grasp lifestyle, mindset, and everyday routine of a different world. It is certainly fun, but there are so many other benefits to doing psychological tourism.

What makes Anybe unique?

It is a new format of eye-opening time-spending. Anybe encompasses entertainment, education, psychology, self-development, culture, and even geographical tourism because you can visit an Anybe experience anywhere on the planet.

This idea is for adventure seekers who are always on the search for something new to try. And we do just that—providing unique experiences that you would’ve never tried otherwise, because it requires hassle, access, connections, etc. 

It is not the same as masterclasses or job shadowing. We don’t lock in on professions. On Anybe, we also have social, cultural roles that you can try, and we are always on the lookout to open more doors to different lives for everyone. 

Plus, we have some pretty exclusive experiences, like spending a day with an adult actress, a Formula 1 racer, or a Burning Man sculptor. 

What inspired you to launch Anybe – where did the idea of psychological and social tourism stem from?

During another transitional period in my life, I wondered where I should head next professionally-wise. “There must be a company that lets you test-drive different occupations and activities," I thought. It turned out there wasn't, even though there is a demand for such service on the surface! And this was a light-bulb moment for me. It was also intensified by my hobby of helping people to unpack their potential, as I learned face reading and some other techniques.  

I escalated the concept of that dream company that delivers authentic experiences and, by fate, became a startup founder.

What advice would you give to young girls at the start of their career?

Don’t pay attention to what the critics say. If you want it hard, and if you are 100% convinced based on real life that people need your service or product, you can make it. That goes for all the entrepreneurs out there.

If we are talking about a work-for-hire career, make sure you pick the one that makes you happy, not just pays the bills. And don’t stop till you find one.

What have your greatest career achievements been?

I am very proud of our growing guide list, meaning the list of personalities you can spend time with! Hunting the first guides was the most challenging, of course, but then they just started signing up one by one. Photographers, athletes, musicians, artists, we even have an inside experience of a surgeon, a watch-maker and an aerial dancer!

Our community is about human connection and real life, as opposed to the virtual one. When everything is being digitized, we craft connective moments that cannot be replicated. Guides and guests are our friends, supporters and the biggest value of Anybe, so any person joining our platform makes me very happy.

Likewise, what have been your greatest challenges?

Although the idea of Anybe seems to be on the surface and in really high demand, it has taken us some time to understand and manage the certain mind rigidity out there. From our experience, we know that sometimes people can’t wrap their minds around the reality of what we do, because for so long, spending time behind-the-scenes of any desirable activity has been just a dream. Step-by-step explaining and clarification that what we offer remains our routine to this day.

 What would you say has been the secret to your success?

Breaking stereotypes about life and possibilities, and overcoming fear. It is difficult, and it is often lonely, but if you want to bring your idea to life, you’ve got to believe in it and fight hard. 

Of course, first and foremost, your idea should come from your heart and you  should authentically believe in it. After all, Anybe appeared as a solution to my personal problem. 

While I always keep in mind tips from more mature entrepreneurs, I still try to do what I feel is right in terms of the startup concept, not to follow mainstream options. And I definitely practice what I preach. In my idea of business, I say that a distinctive character is key.


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