How Selena Gomez built the beauty empire that is Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty has become a well-loved beauty brand across the globe, known for its inclusive products – here’s what March8 thinks of Selena Gomez’s brand

Anyone who has followed the journey of Selena Gomez will know that she’s had a tough few years – and no, we’re not just referring to her tumultuous time with Justin Bieber. The singer was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune condition lupus in 2015, which left her needing a kidney transplant two years later. In 2020, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has since been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, openly speaking about her mental health to reduce stigma. 
But through these challenges, Selena launched Rare Beauty, which highlights the importance of embracing inner beauty, imperfections and individuality, rather than chasing unrealistic beauty standards. 
Everything about Rare Beauty is positive and inclusive, right from the 48 foundation shades to packaging designed with reduced hand mobility in mind. It boasts a stunning collection of shades and sizes, and of course, the whole range is vegan and cruelty-free.

In true Selena style, Rare Beauty donates 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund, which works to increase access to mental health resources in educational settings. Selena hopes to raise over US$100mn to support underserved communities over the next decade – last year alone, the fund raised US$1.5mn.

What does make-up expert Julia Carta think of Rare Beauty?

“Rare Beauty is a flawless makeup collection,” Julia says. “The range helps you design effortless, modern looks that last all day, and the products blend beautifully into the skin (especially if you’re applying with your fingers). I love the hydrating lightweight formulas and earthy pigmented tones that enhance natural beauty. The brand has also factored in every type of shade to ensure there is something for everyone.
“The Positive Light Tinted Moisturiser creates a dewy second skin, with a lit-from-within luminosity to suit all skin tones. The Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream blushers are sheer, providing a natural flush of colour with a satin finish to cheeks and lips. Finally, the Universal Volumizing Mascara is a must-have for thick, defined pitch-black lashes and that full lengthening flutter that finishes any look to perfection!”


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