Earth Day: What can you do to help?

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Countries around the world celebrate Earth Day on April 22, to raise awareness of the devastating impact of climate change. Here’s how you can get involved

Over a billion people come together on April 22 each year to mark Earth Day, in a bid to raise awareness of the various ways in which we can do our bit to protect the planet from climate change.

Earth Day is a global movement, dating back to 1970, which works with more than 150,000 partners across 192 countries to drive positive action for the planet.

But taking action doesn’t have to be limited to Earth Day; here is how you can undertake initiatives to help protect the planet.

Clean ups

Whether it’s a solo venture or a grand group event, taking to the streets, beaches and parks to pick up litter is a great way to get involved. Removing harmful plastics and litter is a surefire way to do your part to protect the planet, which can fit around even the busiest schedules. 

Likewise, The Great Global Cleanup is a worldwide campaign, removing billions of pieces of litter from communities each year. The initiative aims to reduce waste and plastic pollution, to improve habitats, and prevent harm to wildlife and humans.

Shop sustainably 

The fashion industry is responsible for a whopping 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions, and although we can’t completely stop buying new clothing garments, we can definitely do our bit to shop more sustainably. 

Avoiding fast fashion is the big one. When buying new clothes, aim for quality over quantity, to ensure they will withstand the test of time. Then, if a hole or rip occurs, learn to fix it rather than throwing it away. Finally, charity shops are a great way to give second-hand goods a new lease of life, so when you’re donating your old clothes, have a browse to see if anything catches your eye. 

Become one with nature

The world around us is simply beautiful, and there are so many ways in which we can learn to appreciate it. The best place to start is in your own back garden. Welcome nature into your outdoor area by making it a safe haven for wildlife. Plant a diverse range of flowers and shrubs to encourage different species to create a home in your garden – you may even want to add bird, hedgehog or bee house, too.


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