Emirates Islamic launches ‘Businesswomen Account’ in the UAE

Emirates Islamic has launched the Businesswomen Account to support female entrepreneurs and business owners by providing access to seminars and workshops

A new ‘Businesswomen Account’ has been launched by Emirates Islamic, to boost the number of female business owners and entrepreneurs in the UAE. 

The Businesswomen Account will work to exclusively support women, by making fundamental changes to encourage women to pursue business opportunities, while promoting best practices for women-led SMEs.

“The global entrepreneurial ecosystem has transformed with the rise of women in management and leadership positions,” Farid Al Mulla, Head of Consumer Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates Islamic said. “We aim to be the engine of change that drives women entrepreneurs in the UAE to achieve success in their business ventures, something that we strongly feel will contribute greatly to the overall development of one of the UAE economy’s most crucial sectors.

“With the right set of comprehensive business banking tools and the spirit of empowered women at the helm, we continue to walk hand in hand with the UAE to evolve and break barriers.”

Benefits of the account

The Businesswomen Account aims to provide a convenient and affordable banking solution to accommodate women’s unique business needs and to accelerate business to success. To do so, Emirates Islamic requires no minimum balance for the first year, and then from the 13th month onwards, a low minimum balance of AED 10,000/month is required.

Women will also gain exclusive invitations to seminars and workshops featuring industry leaders, as well as anytime and anywhere access to businessONLINE, Mobile Banking and Business Banking Call Center. The Business Women’s account will also connect women with a dedicated team of multi-lingual relationship managers, and trade and FX specialists.

The Businesswomen Account can only be opened for a business with at least one woman as a Signatory and the majority of shareholding is by women and is available for new to bank customers only.


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