Find your purpose and make the most of your career at 60

Learn how to design the life you want with nutritionist and author, Kate Cook, to ensure your career is still thriving as you enter your 60s

You might think that, by now, you have really cracked life and that you know what your core drivers are. 

Interestingly though, you may have developed a routine in your chosen career path and in your hobbies, meaning over time, you have become very good at them. Arriving at the end of your corporate career is a fantastic time to reassess and uncover what might drive and motivate you in the years ahead. 

Finding your true purpose 

Now is the time to choose something that motivates and fulfils you, other than having a job that just pays the bills. 

You may have looked at this many years ago, but it may be time to revisit it. Understanding your core motivation and values can help you in the remaining years of your corporate career, by highlighting where you should put your focus. For example, having clear values will help you know what you say no to.

Time shouldn’t be wasted with feelings of resentment or by doing activities that aren’t fulfilling and satisfying. Your last years in your corporate career can be focused on things you are good at and you can give your best to. 

Choosing guiding star values 

Once you have found your core values – which can take a bit of digging and self-discovery – you can operate them as a guiding star system. 

One of my top values is FUN. Of course, we all have to do things that are not fun in life, but having fun as a guiding star means that I actively seek out opportunities and work that I am going to enjoy. In return, I often do a better job.

Armed with your value system, you are then able to design your own path. I encourage people to plot their path by having their values in mind and working with colleagues. This helps to unleash the creative mind, which could well have been dormant for many a year. Design your life, and don’t let it be an accident – even if the part is sitting with your feet up looking at a sunset. 

You have lots to contribute and the best is yet to come.



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