Good News Friday: Sanna Marin and Dina Asher-Smith

Credit: Getty Images/Carmen Mandato
Credit: Getty Images/Carmen Mandato
This week, we celebrate an athlete dispelling period taboos, a new female CEO and the women that have danced to support the Finnish Prime Minister

Period taboo 

British runner Dina Asher-Smith has been praised by her teammates for shattering the “massive taboo” around periods in sport. Dina has also urged the government and sports bodies to produce further investments to tackle the issue.

Ashleigh Nelson, a member of the GB relay team has also spoken out about menstruation in sport: “If this was a man’s issue, we would be dealing with it.

“It’s very difficult that once a month you have to plan your training, your diet, your life around having a period. There are things you can take to postpone your period but they also have side effects so you’re in a Catch-22. You can’t win. But it’s part of being a woman and a lot of us handle it very well.”

The dancing PM

Prime Minister Sanna Marin of Finland was recently criticised for dancing on a night out with friends. However, women are posting pictures and videos of themselves dancing while posting the hashtag #SolidarityWithSanna to show their support.

"I hope that in the year 2022, it's accepted that even decision-makers dance, sing and go to parties," Marin told reporters. 

Other politicians around the have also supported Sanna, including Australian politician Fiona Patten. On Twitter, Fiona shared: “If letting off steam at a party is the worst thing your prime minister has done, then you're a pretty lucky country."

Credit: Getty Images/Sean Gallup

Female boss

Shirine Khoury-Haq has been named the Co-Op Group's first female CEO in the company’s 159-year history, with an expected salary of almost £1million. Shirine first took on the role earlier this year in March, after former CEO Steve Murrells unexpectedly left the company.

“I am proud and honoured to lead this wonderful and unique organisation,” Shirine said. “The Co-op is the original business with purpose and I am looking forward to delivering even more on this promise, working to co-operate for a fairer world.

“There is a lot to do but we also have so much to build upon. Our Food and Life Services businesses are leaders in their markets, we have a differentiated vision and amazing Co-op colleagues, with links into communities and other co-operatives. Together, we will continue to succeed and deliver for the benefit of our members, our customers, and their communities.”


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