Good news Friday: The Little Mermaid, swimming caps, bras

Credit: Getty Images/	Alberto E. Rodriguez
Credit: Getty Images/ Alberto E. Rodriguez
This week, we celebrate responses to Disney’s new live-action reimagination of The Little Mermaid, inclusive swimming caps and the US army’s first bra

Making waves

Young Black girls across the globe have been filmed by their parents, celebrating that Halle Bailey, a 22-year-old Black actress, will be playing the lead role of Ariel, in Disney’s live-action reimagining of The Little Mermaid

Young girls have shown their excitement and disbelief when seeing Halle in the trailer, saying: “She’s brown like me,” “Is that really her?,” and “I see she’s brown! Brown Ariel! Brown Ariel is cute.”

Equity in the water

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has reversed the former ban on swimming caps made specifically for Black hair. Soul Caps – swimming hats helping to bring inclusivity and accessibility to the sport – are now an approved accessory for athletes.

Olympic swimmer Alice Dearing said: "We cannot allow younger generations to look at a sport and think, for whatever reason, 'that's not for people like me'. Sport is a beautiful and powerful thing, which can be such a positive force in individual lives and communities alike. It imparts life skills, global opportunities and confidence, and offers something to pour heart and soul into."

‘Tactical bras’

The US Army is said to be creating a tactical bra for female soldiers for the first time in history. Dubbed the Army Tactical Brassiere, the bra is still in development and is said to add an extra layer of protection for female soldiers. 

“The overall goal is to produce garments that not only protect the user, but reduce the cognitive burden on the female Soldier caused by discomfort and ill fit,” said clothing designer and project lead Ashley Cushon. “Achieving this will improve the Soldier’s overall readiness and performance levels, allowing them to focus on their mission.”


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