How to get your social media account recognised

Whether you’re just starting out or you want to give your engagement a boost, understanding how to utilise social media is key to business success

Are your social media stats in a slump? Or maybe your engagement has hit a month-long plateau? Fear not, as these tips will give your platform a new lease of life, while also encouraging new faces to join your network.

Keep up with trends

By participating in the latest online crazes, you’ll be effortlessly promoting your page, inviting hundreds and possibly thousands of others to view your content. However, this strategy only works if you tactfully contribute to the trend – make sure you’re adding something of value to the topic, by approaching it in a unique and creative way. There are a tonne of websites out there that can help you decipher what’s hot and what’s not – our favourite is Google Trends.

Be engaging 

Interacting with followers works both ways – of course you want people to like, comment and share your content, but are you doing the same back? By interacting with other accounts, you’re not only creating an allyship, but you’ll be giving your page a personality. And of course, be mindful that your pages may sometimes attract negative comments and tackle these with an open, friendly and positive angle. After all, everyone else will be able to see your comments, so keep them positive and polite. 

Use multimedia

Keep your content engaging, fun and interactive by using different posing styles. After all, who wants to follow a page which just posts long, boring articles each day? By incorporating polls, videos, and gifs into your schedule, you’ll likely to capture your audience's attention, while reeling new followers in. 

Stay active 

To build up a loyal following, people need to recognise and relate to your presence. You therefore need to regularly post to build momentum. Keeping to a regular posting pattern will ensure that you’re not only getting your page noticed by your followers, but you’ll be able to monitor what works well and what needs changing. This being said, don’t go overboard by spamming your followers timelines. Work out the ideal number of times to post each day, and stick to it. 

Go live!

Ekk – going live in front of a camera can seem like a daunting task, but it is such a great way to grow your network! Not only does it help to put a face behind the name, but it will demonstrate your authentic personality to followers. To really boost engagement, feature a special guest, ideally someone outside of your immediate circle, who will share your page with their following.


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