How to make friends and succeed with your inner imposter

As part of Sustainability LIVE, March8 will be running a series of workshops to help educate, motivate and elevate members of our community

How many times has self-doubt prevented you from putting forward your ideas, challenged the status quo or stopped you from seizing that promotion or new opportunity?

Do you suffer from negative mental gymnastics as you repeatedly worry over what you said (or didn’t say) the decision you made (or didn’t make)?

Does low confidence and self-doubt sneak up on you, sabotaging your ability to be the best version of yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should join Rhian Sherrington, founder of the International Women in Sustainability Network, at Sustainability LIVE workshop on Wednesday 7 September. As a successful transitions coach and award-winning author, Rhian will lead this highly engaging workshop where you will;

- Understand why even the most talented women still suffer from self-doubt.

- Learn how we can make friends with our negative ‘inner imposter’ and turn negative inner talk into powerful resourcefulness instead

- Apply tools and strategies to convert low confidence into a surefire path to brilliant leadership

More about Rhian Sherrington, FRSA, MSC, ACC

Rhian Sherrington is the founder of the global Women in Sustainability Network (WINS), a powerful collective of women changing the world. The WINS Network works to amplify the voices, impact, and influence of women, and those identifying as women, supporting them to have the confidence, courage, and community to lead and be a force for good.

Rhian is an award-winning author and accredited coach, helping individuals and organisations develop the inner skills required for regenerative futures. Mum to two teenagers and a Welsh sheepdog puppy, she’s happiest walking or swimming around the Gower Peninsula, South Wales.

More on Women in Sustainability Network

WINS was founded to help women, and those identifying as women, to access a powerful peer community to help them build the confidence, courage and community to lead and be a force for good. 

Our vision is for every woman working in sustainability to belong to a supportive community that enables her to flourish as a powerful woman changing the world.  

You can feed your spark and subscribe to WINS Network News, our weekly(ish) round up of ideas, events, stories and inspiration. Or you can become a member and enjoy belonging to a powerful collective of women changing the world!


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