How to process the year’s events and set goals for 2023

Roohi and Nida Mohiyuddin, co-founder of Nu(pw)R, share their advice on how to process events that took place this year, while preparing for 2023

Heading toward the end of the year can bring about a mixture of emotions about the things you wish to leave behind and all the goals you may not have accomplished from last January.

It is important to see the month of December as a time to reflect on the past year with gratitude, and compassion but also accountability. It is always good to set goals for the new year but it is important to see January as a continuation of your journey as a person and not just with a ‘new year new you’ attitude. 

Nu(pw)R, a company that helps organisations be more forward-thinking in their approach to the wellbeing of female employees, shares five ways in which we can wrap up the year with the correct focus and mindset.

Allow yourself to feel emotions

It is important to acknowledge all your feelings, however uncomfortable they may be, so you do not carry them with you. This can take practice and it is easier said than done, however, the first step is acknowledging your emotions, putting names to them, and allowing yourself to feel them without judgment. 

You are allowed to feel sad and disappointed if you are not where you hoped to be. You are allowed to be angry if things did not go according to plan and remember, you can feel more than one emotion however conflicting that may be.

This is the time to sit in that emotion, feel it in all its rawness but then use it as information to understand yourself and your needs better and use this as a tool to guide your next steps.

There is no right way to do this, it is more about what feels right for you.

Be kind and compassionate, but also accountable 

The way you speak to yourself about the things you have or have not achieved can have a big impact on your beliefs about yourself, which in turn, will affect your success rate and future goals. It is important to acknowledge what went wrong, what went well, and what you could have done better. Be aware that your successes and failures do not define you and

that success does not come without its failures.

It is up to you to hold yourself accountable and learn from your failures in order to progress. But do this with kindness and an approach that is compassionate. Speak to yourself how you would speak to those you love as this will allow you to take a more productive and reflective approach to the new year and the new/ continued goals.

Focus on progress, not perfection

One of the steps in our CEW programme really works through changing our mindset from driven by perfection to focusing on progression which is a really powerful tool in having a more productive outlook and Breaking Barriers to Success. Some of the ways to do this are by ensuring you keep a record of every small win and celebrate it, by seeing failures as a learning tool and stepping stone, and also by remembering that your journey is unique to you, so do not compare your achievements to that of others.

Prioritise your health and wellbeing

Prioritising self-care and making small manageable changes can have an amazing impact on your health and well-being. Take some time to reflect on the goals you may have set in the past that you found difficult to keep up with, especially those linked with health and wellbeing. Now make a list of all the things that you enjoy doing, that you can incorporate into your daily life and ease off the pressure of setting unrealistic goals. 

Remember to go at your own pace, make time to relax and do something you enjoy daily whether that be having your favourite drink, chatting to your loved ones, reading a book, making time to socialise or even spending more time doing the things you may have been putting off. Every day should be about you, your needs, and living a full life that brings you joy and happiness.

Take time to record your journey or thoughts whether that be by writing things down in a journal, sharing how you feel with friends or even sending yourself voice notes. Set yourself small manageable goals that you can work on consistently so that you feel less stressed and anxious about them. 

Consistent changes will lead to bigger achievements, so focus on the present and the amazing woman you already are, any changes from this point forward is only a bonus!

Nu(pw)R Janurary task

This task is designed to remind you how amazing you are. 

Every time you receive positive feedback, a cute card, a lovely reminder, a compliment etc, put it in a folder on your computer, write it down in a special notebook, or have a jar with little notes.

This is your special bank of who you are to dip into when you need a confidence boost or when you forget your awesomeness. Use it as a point of reference and read through it. Sometimes how we feel about ourselves may not be a true reflection of all our strengths and accomplishments. This task provides you with a bank of evidence to counteract negative thoughts.

About Nu(pw)R

Founded by two sisters and best friends, Nu(pw)R creates tailor-made solutions to increase productivity, engagement, and retention and support female employees with the unique issues they face at work and home.

Nu(pw)R helps professional women become confident and empowered leaders without overwhelm through mindset and success mentoring.

To do so, the sisters Roohi and Nida Mohiyuddin, offer group workshops that are tailor-made to individual requirements and needs. 

Programmes are also available, showing how we can take back control and face fears, manage stress and anxiety confidently, shut down our inner critic, and break barriers to success.


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