Mary Child, delivering sustainable change through Nespresso

This week, we celebrate Mary Child for her pioneering work driving positive change through her role as Sustainability Manager at Nespresso UK and ROI

As the Sustainability Manager for the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI) at Nespresso – a certified B Corp – Mary Child is responsible for driving the brand’s sustainability actions forward. 

From developing Nespresso’s roadmap towards carbon neutrality and beyond to net zero, to leading Podback – the UK’s first industry-wide recycling programme for coffee capsules – on behalf of Nespresso, Mary oversees all of the company’s sustainable ventures. 

Mary is also a UK representative of sustainability, both within the global Nespresso sustainability network and for the British Coffee Association. Prior to joining Nespresso, Mary held the role of sustainability consultant at the specialist environmental agency, Walker Resource Management (WRM).


Mary will soon be taking centre stage at the SUSTAINABILITY LIVE LONDON event on Wednesday 7 September, where she will deliver a keynote, titled: “How effective collaboration is helping Nespresso make coffee a force for good.”

During her time on stage, Mary will explore the crucial role that collaborations with like-minded organisations have played in maximising the impact of sustainability initiatives – from Podback to the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which involves 140,000 farmers across the world. 

About Nespresso 

Nespresso believes that coffee can be a force for good and is working with over 50 different partners to drive transformative action and scale its impact on climate, communities, and circularity.

Nespresso is committed to making a positive impact. To achieve this, the company sources coffee from unique regions, working in partnership with over 70,000 farmers across the world. By working with the farmers, Nespresso helps them achieve high-certification standards – for example in water management, biodiversity, and fair worker treatment – through long-term partners Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade international

The company also offers personalised services to Club Members: from delivery and repair to customer care and recycling systems. 


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