River Island drives sustainability through The Kind Society

UK fashion retailer River Island launches The Kind Society in a bid to boost sustainability through commitments to the planet, people and principles

Fashion retailer River Island has launched its new sustainability strategy named ‘The Kind Society’, which pledges 12 commitments to the planet, people, and principles – all of which align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jose Arguedas, Head of Sustainability at River Island, said: “There is more we need to do to drive further the integration of sustainability into our business and we will continue to seek the partnerships that we feel can bring solutions to scale and drive overall improvements in our business and in our industry.” 

River Island also highlights 10 overall aims from The Kind Society, including reaching net-zero carbon emissions by the end of 2040, for 50% of the brand's synthetics to be recycled by 2025, and for water use in product manufacturing to be reduced by 50% by 2030.

Will Kernan, River Island CEO says that The Kind Society will keep the fashion retailer “focussed and grounded on our sustainability journey”, which they have been working hard to drive over the past few years.

The Kind Society’s commitment to people

Through the four main pillars of DEI, wellbeing, ethical workforce and community, River Island strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace, across all areas of business by actively recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

The brand is also prioritising a culture centred on people’s wellbeing, by giving back to communities, including those who make the products, those that create and deliver the brand, as well as those who wear them. 

The Kind Society’s commitment to the planet

Sustainable materials, water, recycling, climate change and chemicals are the five main pillars that contribute to The Kind Society’s commitment to the planet. To achieve these, River Island has pledged to design more sustainable products, while supporting responsible production practices and improving new and current products to reduce waste. 

The brand will remove all hazardous chemicals and eliminate waste to landfill from all operations while promoting an increased drive on recycling. 

The Kind Society’s commitment to the principles 

The final pillars are transparency, advocacy and partnerships, which will be achieved through attaining full transparency through the business and supply chain, transparent engagement with customers, employees and stakeholders and by collaborating through partnerships that validate the brand's ideas and develop solutions.


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