Top 8 brands revolutionising the fashion industry

Hoping to upgrade your wardrobe with slow-fashion garments which are good for you and good for the environment? Look no further and out top 8 brands

Slowly but surely, we’re all trying to move further and further away from fast-fashion – but it can be tricky to find brands that cater to your style, without compromising the environment. That’s why we’ve collated our top 8 brands revolutionising the fashion industry.  

08: Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s eponymous fashion label has put female empowerment at its very core, by giving back to and supporting other women. The brand boasts a colourful and unique range of garments, which are stylish and timeless. Tory Burch also has a foundation to advance women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship by providing access to capital, education and digital resources, and tackling stereotypes that hold women back.

07: The Folklore

As a commerce company empowering diverse brands in emerging markets, The Folklore uses technology and community to connect brands, customers, and partners that value sustainability and the new vanguard of design. Founder, Amira Rasool says: “I founded The Folklore because I recognized that there was a vast continent full of up-and-coming designers that were producing some of the most innovative styles in the world, and yet, they still struggled to attract global distribution opportunities.

06: Henning

Slow-fashion brand Henning was launched by ex-fashion editor Lauren Chan, who made it her mission to broaden the range of sustainable plus-sized garments for women. She says: “For years, everyone around me has worn designer outfits while I have been limited to cheap, fast-fashion—and the effects of which are tangible: being perceived as less capable, not feeling confident and dealing with things like pants ripping.” She therefore made Henning, a world of luxury plus-size fashion.

05: For Days

Passionate about sustainable fashion, For Days founder Kristy Caylor wanted to create a clothing brand which was 100% zero waste and only made 100% recyclable fashion. To encourage consumers to invest in slow fashion, For Days offers ‘Closet Cash’ for shopping sustainably and recycling responsibly. Consumers will receive 10% back instantly in Closet Cash with every purchase.

04: Fleur du Mal

Jennifer Zuccarini, was inspired to launch luxury lingerie brand Fleur du Mal as she wanted to create a brand that empowered women and encouraged them to embrace their femininity and sexuality. Fleur du Mal products are delicate and sophisticated and use luxury fabrics, such as French Leavers lace and bespoke embroideries crafted by world-class artisans.

03: Stay Swim Wild

Producing ethical and beautiful swimwear, Stay Swim Wild is a premium brand with a focus on slow-fashion and sustainably sourced fabrics. Designed and made in London, each garment has a purpose with every element considering people and the planet. Founders Natalie Glaze and Zanna Van Dijk grew up by the ocean and formed a strong connection to the sea – Stay Swim Wild is their way of giving back to nature.

02: JW Pei

Founded by husband and wife duo, JW Pei has curated a range of accessories that are accessible, effortless, empowering – and loved by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber. JW Pei’s modern and minimalist aesthetic, seeks to celebrate feminine beauty and strength through fun and creative fashion, and by using sustainable, vegan-friendly materials.

01: The Fabricant

Amber Sloote, Adriana Hoppenbrouwer and Kerry Murphy are the founders of digital fashion house The Fabricant. The company’s mission is to build the future of fashion, while wasting nothing but data and exploiting nothing but imaginations. The Fabricant operates at the intersection of fashion and technology, fabricating digital couture and fashion experiences.


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