What are the most important attributes of a good leader?

We took to our social media platforms to ask the March8 community what they believe are the key attributes that make a good leader

Sorana Duca

A person who masters the balance between what should be done and what realistically can be done, with an empathic, resilient, and positive mindset. 

Someone with charisma who can inspire and challenge at the same time. 

Someone who always puts people first, ahead of anything else. 

Someone with a mind for business and a heart for connections. A leader that can build more leaders – we need more of those.

Dina Subuh 

A good leader needs to have authenticity, passion, and empathy. You will win everyone’s heart, respect and inspiration if you have these traits, and you will make your team deliver the best results.

Hali Khan

Passion, vision, empathy, ability to inspire and to lead by example. Also to recognise that we are all different, we hold different perspectives and views, and it is the culmination and coming together of this diversity of thinking that often allows for the greatest amount of progress and the best ideas.

Victoria Deamer-Smith RVN

I think working to ensure team members have a psychologically safe environment to share ideas and give feedback, allowing confidence to grow. In turn, actively listening to the team. I echo that empathy is fundamental as a leader. 

Jessica Mayo

Taking time and patience to understand people’s struggles. What you may find easy, others may not, so it’s important to break down a task into smaller parts when an individual is struggling, to find where the difficulty is. 

I’ve been a student nurse mentor for eight years, and I’ve found that, as long as you give your time and invest it one-on-one, you’ll see great results.

Shobhaa Ravi

Strong leaders shape adverse situations into opportunities for their team, themselves and their organisation.   


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