£80m Diversity Commissioning Fund announced by ITV

Television channel ITV will reserve £80m of its content commissioning budget to drive change towards racial and disability equity over the next three years

ITV has announced a reserve Diversity Commissioning Fund of £80m, to drive Black, Asian, minority ethnic and disabled equality in production roles.

At least £20m of the budget will specifically be reserved for content created by disabled-led or Black, Asian and minority ethnic-led and disabled-led production companies. The channel has also created a £500k development fund to enhance and support ideas that will qualify for the Diversity Commissioning Fund.

“We want to keep up the momentum and drive more progress at ITV and across the industry,” Carolyn McCall, ITV CEO said, “so that our audiences can see their broad range of experiences and perspectives reflected in our content.”

For production companies to qualify for the fund, they must meet either their first criteria, or at least two of the remaining criteria:

1 . Diverse company ownership or leadership: The company must have senior individuals in ownership or leadership roles who are Black, Asian or minority ethnic and/or disabled.

2. Diverse creative leadership: At least two individuals in senior creative decision-making roles off-screen must be Black, Asian or minority ethnic and/or disabled. These individuals may be involved in the shaping and making of the programme by holding roles such as writer, producer or director.

3. Diverse stories and portrayal on-screen: Subject matter, starring actors and/or stories must be from a Black, Asian or minority ethnic and/or disabled perspective.

4. Diverse salary spend: At least 20% of total salary spend off-screen on the production must be on Black, Asian or minority ethnic and/or disabled creatives.

“ITV is committed to creating content by, with, and for everyone, connecting and reflecting modern audiences,” said Ade Rawcliffe, ITV’s Group Director of Diversity and Inclusion. “We want more people of colour and disabled people to be able to tell their stories and get opportunities in senior production roles. With this reserve fund, we’re working to speed up progress in a sustainable way, and play our part to change the structure of the industry.”



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