Good News Friday: March Week 2

Check out these 3 feel-good news stories featuring inspirational women, paving the way for diversity and showcasing women at the top

1. Serena Williams has raised an inaugural fund of US$111mn through her early-stage venture capital firm, Serena Ventures. The tennis star has shared that she will invest in founders with diverse points of view.

2. BP Plc has tipped the gender balance by becoming the only major oil company to have more women than men in its group of top executives. This occurred after Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath and Leigh-Ann Russell joined Chief Executive Officer Bernard Looney’s leadership team.

3. New Pixar Animation Studios film ‘Turning Red’ is the first film from the company that has been directed, written and produced by women. Director Domee Shi, said: “It is a historic moment, I hope we are the first of many other teams of creators”.


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