Start-up raises €2.4mn to aid "invisible demographic"

Jude, a femtech start-up, has raised the biggest pre-seed round by a solo British female founder, to tackle an issue impacting 1 in 3 women in the UK

London-based healthcare startup, Jude, has raised €2.4mn in a bid to break the taboo surrounding female incontinence — an issue that affects around 14 million women in the UK.

The healthcare company aims to smash bladder taboos, open up conversations about incontinence and help women continue with their daily life, without worrying about their healthcare issues. 

An investment-worthy issue

The funding, which was announced on International Women’s Day, highlights a positive change in direction for greater funding for female founders. Potential investors had previously told Peony Li, founder of Jude, that the issue wasn’t “sexy enough” to invest in. However, as she was passionate about ending the neglect that female healthcare has long endured, Peony continued on her mission to help the 1 in 3 women affected by inconsistency in the UK.

Peony said: “Over 14 million of us experience problems with our bladders, so why do we continue to suffer in silence? I want to break the stigma around bladder care and create a community and brand that makes people feel heard, seen and supported. I know I’ll have succeeded when we all start having conversations about incontinence in the same way we talk about periods and menopause.”

The invisible demographic 

Jude provides a voice for women aged between 40-60, sometimes referred to as an “invisible demographic”, by challenging the stereotypes surrounding women’s healthcare. The company offers a range of products, including everyday pads, all-day liners, supplements and absorbent underwear. 

June Angelides MBE at Samos VC led the pre-seed round, which has a diverse cap table featuring 12 female angel investors.



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