Celebrating International Women's Day at March8 LIVE

By Emily Cook
March8’s Editor in Chief, Lucy Buchholz, celebrated International Women’s Day at the first March8 LIVE event. She shares her account of the memorable day

I’m not often left speechless, but I have to admit that sitting here, trying to think of the best way to describe the March8 LIVE event, I’m stumped. This is because every word that comes to mind doesn’t seem to do the day justice — I will explain to you why.

You know when you walk into a beautiful building that has so many things to look at, your brain sort of stops as your eyes scan the room trying to take it all in? Well that’s how it feels entering Soho Hotel, where March8 LIVE was held. Everything in Soho Hotel just oozes elegance, so of course, March8 fitted in perfectly. 

The day started with the most important meal of the day – breakfast. With little bacon and sausage sandwiches and fresh fruit, the spread was the ideal finger food to network over and prep guests for the big day ahead. And it was clear that one topic dominated the room: the first speaker. 

Educate: Kimberlee Perry

Delivering a high-energy talk, Kimberlee shared the story of how she found ((BOUNCE)), her inclusive exercise company that helps people of any age stay fit and healthy through mini trampoline classes. She also discussed how ((BOUNCE)) has a franchise system, to encourage women to take control of their own learning and careers. 

Educate: Emily Chadwick

After stepping up to her first board member position at just 25 years old, Emily discussed how seizing an opportunity dramatically changed the course of her life and catapulted her career. During her 30-minute talk, Emily discussed many relatable topics, such as creating your own luck, the power of failure and the importance of networking.

Educate: Lucy Rissik

The word ‘gaming’ stereotypically creates a vision of boys sitting in a dark room for hours on end, surrounded by unhealthy snacks while they play violent games. It’s Lucy’s mission to change this. During her talk, she also discussed how this inaccurate and unhelpful stereotype is causing brands to miss out on huge opportunities.

​​​​​​​Motivate: Beatriz Rodriguez

Arguably one of the most emotionally captivating talks of the day, Beatriz shared the struggles she faced balancing her personal goals, with her family’s expectations. However one of the most powerful points she made was how seemingly small stereotypes can have a major impact on social movements, as well as your career. 

Motivate: Kate Cook

Kate undoubtedly had the audience hooked (and on their feet!) sharing how to have the best year of your health. But one of the key moments was when she was asked to summarise her talk, her answer was: “Never be afraid to recreate yourself. View who you are as a shell, and when you want to change, have the courage to leave that shell behind. Be proud of who you are.”

Elevate: Zara Janjua

Just f**king do it. The title of Zara’s talk, which she applies to everything in life, and after explaining that she has been fired 21 times in her lifetime (yes, that’s not a typo), it’s clear to see that she wasn’t kidding. But Zara’s message wasn’t about being reckless. It was about speaking up, finding your passion and doing what you want, without worrying about the judgement of others. 

Elevate: Frances Holmes

March8 Mentor Frances took to the stage to share how she was about to find her passion in the workplace – and how it wasn’t a simple journey. Through her insightful talk, Frances openly shares the many challenges that she faced throughout her career, and why she’s refused to see them as obstacles.

After a busy day listening to motivational speakers, networking with inspirational individuals and tucking into delicious food, the first official March8 LIVE event came to a close. It was undoubtedly one to remember, leaving everyone excited for the next event, held June 8 2022. For more information, click here.


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