Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung to feature in Adidas brand film

Adidas has teamed up with Squid Game actor HoYeon Jung to extend the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ campaign, aimed at championing women.

Promoting a new women-focused sportswear line, Adidas says: “Driven by the belief that sport has the power to change lives, the brand will support those who are breaking down barriers and driving gender equity, on and off the field of play.”

On Monday 14 February, Adidas will also release ‘I’m Possible’, a brand film featuring HoYeon and six other women from the campaign. 

Strong, diverse and powerful

The campaign will feature women who have defied all odds of becoming successful in their careers, as part of the first instalment of the sport brands campaign. In addition to HoYeon Jung, the women include basketball player Asma Elbadawi, volleyball player Tifanny Abreu, runner Fatima Ibrahimi, yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley, skateboarder Momiji Nishiya and model Ellie Goldstein.

Vicky Free, Head of Global Marketing at Adidas explains that the ‘Impossible is Nothing’ strives to “unite a strong, diverse and powerful community of women athletes who are changing the game.”

“This is our call to action to all the women out there to keep making the impossible possible every day,” she adds. “Adidas can only continue to be their ally, committed to serving them through innovation in our products, partnerships and across all dimensions of sport.”

Three commitments 

Adidas has made three commitments to support the campaign: people, products and programmes.

People: The campaign aims to raise the profiles of female athletes in upcoming sporting  events, such as the Women’s Euro 2022 and the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Products: Major investments have been planned to develop women-specific sportswear, for example, improving the heels of women’s sports shoes and the fit of sports bras.

Programmes: Adidas plans to launch more community programmes to help keep women in sport, such as the Black Women’s Player Collective and the Breaking Barriers Academy in Europe.


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