Wellbeing Wednesday: Level up your 9-5 work routine

Break free from your daily routine, and give your 9-5 a much-needed makeover

Eat, sleep, work, repeat – a cycle that so many of us fall into. However much we love our jobs, doing the same thing day-in, day-out, can make life seem monotonous and stale. Upgrading your daily work routine by introducing activities and habits that bring you happiness can help you gain great enjoyment out of the smaller things in life. You may also see a positive impact on your professional life, too. 

Good morning, good night

Do something you love before and after you start work, by creating routines that you enjoy — in other words, create some time to do what makes you happy. This could be as simple as crafting a luxurious skin care routine or burning a candle while enjoying a bubble bath. Whatever activity you choose, view them as little rewards to enjoy before and after work. 

Take advantage of flexitime

If you’re lucky enough to pick and choose the hours that work best for you, then make use of that! Starting work a few hours earlier will leave you with much more time in the evenings, and visa versa. This can often require a slight shift in daily habits, such as waking up earlier or going to bed later, but it will be worth it if you have more time to enjoy your day. 

Eat well

This will mean something different to everyone. Foodies may dream of an Instagrammable feast each day, whereas those who hate cooking may desire something quick, easy and low maintenance. Wherever you fall on the scale, make sure you’ve organised food that you’ll enjoy. Nothing’s worse than starting your lunch break to find you’ve only got a tin of soup and an old, stale roll. 

Shift your mindset

Spending a long time in the same role or at the same company can get a little boring — but it doesn’t have to be like that. Look for different ways in which you can revive the excitement in your daily routine, for example by starting a book club or organising charity events. If you want something more mentally stimulating, ask your manager for more training opportunities, or take matters into your own hands by initiating your own learning. We’d recommend trying these platforms

Create your dream office

Transforming your work space every so often can do wonders for your mental health — and this goes for those who work in an office and those who work from home. Investing in creative stationery sets, cute pot plants and an aesthetically-pleasing diary can somehow just make you feel good about yourself and your work.

Use your breaks well

Whether you take several small breaks throughout the day or you enjoy a full hour at lunch, plan your time so you can make the most of it. And yes this means getting up from your desk, putting your smart devices down, and engaging in activities that are good for your wellbeing. For example, take a walk outside, practice yoga or call up a friend. 

Work in style

Are you guilty of throwing on the same two or three outfits each day? Or can’t quite seem to get out of your pyjamas? Investing in a few items of clothing that are comfortable and professional will help you look and feel the part. If you don't know where to start, try creating a capsule wardrobe, so you only have to style and rotate essential items.

Enjoy your commute 

If you’re lucky enough not to have a commute — we’re very jealous. But those of us that have a journey and a half to get to work will understand how boring and frustrating it can be. But instead of viewing your commute as a waste of time, try to see it as a time slot in which you can do something that brightens up your day. This could be reading (if you get the train), listening to podcasts or even visualising the ideal version of your day ahead. 

Steady your focus

Days when every little thing distract you always tend to go the slowest. And then, you’re more likely to find yourself in a mad panic as a result of the hours of procrastination. By eliminating distractions (yes, that includes your phone) you’ll have a more productive day, which means less stress, less panic, and more importantly, less overtime. 

Find a passion

We’re not all lucky enough to have jobs that we’re fully passionate about — and that’s okay. But it is important that we’re pursuing what we love outside of our 9-5 routines. This means finding something that really drives you, such as a sport, music or even working with animals, as this will help you feel satisfied outside of work.


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