Female-led B Corps | Heidi Schoeneck, Co-Founder of Grounded

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We explore female-led B Corps further in the latest edition of March8 Magazine.

Sustainability has become a somewhat murky term. With businesses fighting it out to be the biggest, the richest and, of course, the greenest, it can be hard to know which ones we can trust as consumers. Luckily, the business world has B Corp certifications, which puts businesses to the test to ensure their credentials have been earned honestly, rather than being artificially dyed green.

Heidi's Story

About four years ago, I was working with Unilever on their Sustainable Living Project and realised that we need to be doing a heck of a lot to protect our planet. I approached my manager with the idea of creating an incubator that's focused on brands with purpose and helping brands do good in the world.
I was immediately dismissed, but I kept pushing the idea. Then, for the first time in my career, I got written up with a performance review and was told that I had 60 days to demonstrate to the organisation that I cared more about profit than I did about purpose. That’s when I left and founded Grounded.
We work with big brands, small brands, startups and non-profit organisations who are set on changing the world through their services and products. To do this, we focus on three key areas: helping businesses and brands articulate their purpose; helping activate their brands; and accelerate their impact.