March8 Mentorship: Monika Czuj

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As a certified vegan and vegetarian nutritionist, Monika is the founder of Veggie Crush, a healthy food business.

Having previously relied on the advice of mentors, Monika Czuj was inspired to join the March8 Mentorship Programme to help other women through challenges similar to what she once faced.

As a certified vegan and vegetarian nutritionist, Monika is the founder of Veggie Crush, a healthy food business with the mission to make fruit, veg and nutritious meals more convenient and affordable.

Monika shares that her biggest achievement to date is actually forcing herself to step out of her comfort zone by launching Veggie Crush. She says: “It’s so important to know yourself and believe in what you want to do. Sometimes you’ll want to take massive risks, but as long as you have a vision and you’re doing something that is making you happy you’ll do well. Starting Veggie Crush was that move for me, and I’m so proud that I was able to do it and make the business successful.”

But Monika’s true passion is coaching. She shares: “When I was a young woman, I found myself in a position that was really difficult. I had no real support and I figured that I had to do something to change my situation, to be the best and happiest version of myself. So, I began reading books, going to therapy and researching solutions, but the only thing that really helped me was coaching.”

After receiving guidance from her coach, Monika found her calling to follow a similar path. So, while working three jobs and still living in Poland, Monika commuted overseas each weekend to The Coaching Academy, London, to obtain her coaching qualification. 

“There were a lot of external obstacles that I came across when trying to build my career and new life in London. My daughter and I moved to the UK on our own with very limited support - it was one of the biggest challenges that I faced. But this experience adds yet another layer of knowledge that I can bring to the March8 Mentorship Programme.”

Monika is proud to now be in a position where she can give back and help guide other women to achieve success. She decided to join the March8 Mentorship Programme as she felt that it aligned well with her core value of wanting to help others, which she describes comes naturally to her. She says: “I believe in the cause. I have a vision of what I can bring to the programme and I think if we just had more self knowledge and essential tools, we can make a massive impact on other people. 

“There’s some things in life that you can’t explain logically, for example why a particular topic drives you - for me, it’s my motivation to support other women. So if I can help just one woman, I think that would be absolutely amazing and it would mean the world to me.”

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