March8 Mentorship Programme: Gosia Syta

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For those struggling with their confidence, Gosia Syta, founder of Time To Walk Your Talk, may just be the woman you need.

Working closely with women in male-dominated professions, such as tech, energy and law, Gosia teaches women how to stand up, speak up and succeed.

Her work is particularly focused on those looking to advance their confidence when at networking events, and delivering presentations. Gosia says: “To be very straightforward, I help women ‘play’ a higher status, so they are taken more seriously at work.

“I show people how to use their body language and their voice to make a more lasting impression on others and to raise their profile. This allows individuals to be heard and noticed by others, which can help progress their careers more quickly.”

Gosia shares that the inspiration for Time To Walk Your Talk stemmed from her own personal struggles with confidence. 

“After having children, I was out of the job market for four years,” she says. “When I returned to work, my confidence was in the basement and I had no idea how to get it back. I started to wonder, ‘how do some women come across so confident?’ -  it’s like they had a switch that they just flipped. 

“I wanted to know whether I had that switch. And if I did, how could I activate it?”

Gosia’s work doesn’t only aim to improve how other people see us, but how we see ourselves, too. In fact, she teaches that the more confidence we have in ourselves, the more confident we actually are. 

The passion to share her knowledge is what has prompted Gosia to become a mentor for the March8 Mentorship Programme. 

“As a mentor, I would like to teach another woman how to carry herself and to use her voice. 

Many women who have expertise and have a lot of inner confidence, but struggle to show it on the outside.

“But it’s so easy. It’s not about becoming someone different, but just slightly flexing verbal and non-verbal behaviours,” she says.

Gosia shares three golden rules for those starting the journeys to become more confident: 

  1. Take up more space - literally. For both humans and animals, this is a way to demonstrate high status. The more space we take up the more power and authority people think we have - and treat us accordingly. 
  2. Make and maintain eye contact. This is a very simple way of signifying authority, while also demonstrating that you’re feeling comfortable in the conversation.
  3. Start speaking slowly. This technique is like taking up space, but in time. Signalling that your words matter. 

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