The female factor, with SAP

Business Women's Networks are on the rise - and for good reason. We spoke to Michiel Verhoeven and Lyndsey Spurgin from SAP UK.

We discussed SAP UK's business women network and why other companies should follow suit

Let’s start with the facts: women account for 47.7% of the global workforce, yet only 27.1% of women are managers and leaders, according to Women in the Workforce Statistics 2022, from TeamStage. 

What’s more, 42% of women feel that they have been discriminated against at work because of their gender, and globally, the gender pay gap is growing, with women earning 22% less in monthly wages. 

Now, imagine you had a space at your workplace to express your ideas, ambitions and challenges. A safe space, occupied by women supporting each other, sharing advice and inspirational stories. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, then perhaps you should look into launching a women’s network