Becoming a leader with Linda Howard

Sharing both personal and professional stories, Linda Howard, Vice President of Technology at Kroger, gives March8 an exclusive insight into her phenomenal

Kroger believes in the concept of “feeding the human spirit” to help every individual become their best selves. To do so, employees are encouraged to share daily uplifts with the team. These can range from children’s accomplishments to career milestones – anything that enables individuals to bring their authentic selves to the workplace and celebrate together as a team. 

By sharing her story with March8, Linda Howard endeavours for her uplifts to demonstrate ‘advocacy for women’. After a long and incredibly successful career at the company, Linda has both personal and professional stories to share, each detailing the lessons she’s learned along the way – from overcoming imposter syndrome to learning she can only rely on herself. 

March8 is proud to highlight the groundbreaking journey that Linda has taken to become a remarkable and inspirational leader for other women. 

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