A voice for others | Beatriz Rodriguez, Bayer

Describing herself as inquisitive, passionate and caring, Beatriz Rodriguez has devoted her career to creating diverse and inclusive work environments

Growing up in a family with very traditional upbringing, Beatriz Rodriguez found herself going against the grain in order to follow her life’s ambition. With a strong interest in psychology, Beatriz developed a curiosity for understanding different cultures and behaviours, which led her perfectly to her current role of Senior Vice President of Talent and Inclusion and Diversity at Bayer. 

“I’m actually the first generation of my family to leave Spain, my home country,” Beatriz says, “so I pushed the boundaries of my family traditions, even when I was very young. My first job allowed me to travel internationally – Italy, China, Brazil and Russia, for example – which allowed me to understand how to create value and impact through different cultures. Pushing my family boundaries therefore helped to define me and made me into who I am today.”