Female-led B Corps | Laura Harnett, Founder of Seep

We explore female-led B Corps in the latest edition of March8 Magazine

Sustainability has become a somewhat murky term. With businesses fighting it out to be the biggest, the richest and, of course, the greenest, it can be hard to know which ones we can trust as consumers. Luckily, the business world has B Corp certifications, which puts businesses to the test to ensure their credentials have been earned honestly, rather than being artificially dyed green.

Laura's story

I never thought I would be the founder of my own business, but once the concept of Seep came to mind, I just couldn’t shake it. I had always been an eco-conscious shopper, so I noticed that, although there were some really great challenger brands, there were a number of gaps in the market, such as sponges, clothes and brushes. It didn’t make sense to me that oil is dug out of the ground to make bin liners, for us to fill them with rubbish and then bury them back into the ground. I knew that something needed to be done. Although I was fearful of starting out at first, I knew I didn’t want to turn a blind eye to the problem. So I founded Seep, which provides sustainable cleaning tools and kitchen utensils.