Accenture has pledge to achieve gender balance by 2025

Global IT company Accenture aims to achieve an equal representation of men and women employees by 2025 to reach a gender balance

Irish-American information technology company Accenture aims to achieve an equal representation of men and women in percentage terms by 2025, to reach a gender balance. 

Accenture currently has more than 300,000 women employees across the globe – contributing to 47% of the global workforce. In a bid to increase the 3% gap, Accenture has shared that 47% of all new hires are women, 44% of promotions are women and 43% of revenue producing roles are held by women.

In addition, 50% of Accenture board of directors and 27% of the company’s global management committee are women.

Ellyn Shook, chief leadership and human resources officer at Accenture adds: “We embrace diversity as a source of creativity and competitive advantage.”

“As we work towards '50 by 25,' our ultimate goal is to create a truly human environment where people have a real sense of belonging, where they can show up every day, be who they are and be their best, both professionally and personally.”

Achieving the gender balance

In order to attain a gender balance, Accenture has set three focus areas: flexibility, connectivity and development. 

Flexibility: To ensure employees have access to flexible working, they are permitted to set their own start and finish times, while working more or fewer hours over the course of the week. They can telecommute, and have the option of part-time working arrangements.

Connectivity: With hundreds of employee networks around the globe, staff are encouraged to build connections and develop support systems.

Development: All employees are mentored and participate in mentoring and development programmes, to ensure they’re supported to achieve their goals. 

In addition, Accenture has collaborated with business houses and the government to further gender equality in the workplace, with commitments that include the White House Equal Pay Pledge, Paradigm for Parity and Catalyst CEO Champions for Change.


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