How do you prevent burnout impacting your busy schedule?

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We took to our social media platforms to ask the March8 community their thoughts on some of today’s most pressing topics

In today's fast-paced world, people often find themselves with busy schedules that can quickly lead to burnout. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress - it can affect anyone, regardless of their profession or personal life.
However, burnout can significantly impact women, especially those who juggle multiple responsibilities, such as work, family, and caregiving. In fact, women often face unique stressors, such as gender discrimination, the gender pay gap, and societal pressure to fulfil traditional gender roles, which can contribute to burnout.

That's why, we asked the March8 community: How do you ensure that your busy schedule doesn’t cause you to burn out? 


As a busy working mum of four, in order for me to be the best mum, daughter, sister, friend and wife, I need to have some time to myself where I can just unwind and recharge.

Once I get some ‘me time’ and do what I like to do, I get to discover who I am. It just takes some time on my own, without being called every two seconds or having to do one task after the other. I find I am a better listener and I am actually present to fully engage in conversations.

Shilpa Bhim

I make sure I get some fresh air and move my body in some way every day to help manage my mental health and to avoid burnout.

Tom Swallow

Oddly enough, I get up early to go to the gym. It's kind of preventative, but also means I can rest in the evening when tiredness kicks in. Staying away from technology helps to destress on the weekends and writing down any thoughts or ideas clears the mind.

Helen Adams

I take a few minutes to do some basic yoga stretches in a private room at the office that overlooks the skyline. A change from my screen and a challenge for my body benefits my mind, and I feel the burnout go out of the window. Humans are not sedentary creatures, laptops are.


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