Diana Monterrubio, a voice for equality in the tech industry

Diana Monterrubio, Procurement Global Strategic Director at Teleperformance on her career journey and her dedication to empower other women

Dedicated to educating herself and representing her gender within the technology industry, Diana Monterrubio, Procurement Global Strategic Director at Teleperformance, is driven to help others figure out their place in the world, and ensure that they don’t feel like minorities or that they don’t belong.

“It’s very common and very visible. Quite often in meetings, it will be 10 men and me. I have been in situations where others assume that the males in my team are my boss when in actual fact it’s the other way round,” says Diana. 

Diana began working at Teleperformance 11 years ago as an agent, as a way to pay for her student loans in the lead up to her graduation. “After a few months, I was promoted to recruitment in the HR department. In that role, I found that I had to talk to a lot of vendors, which I found myself loving. So when I saw a job open up for procurement I applied.”

Diana's favourite thing about the industry she works in is the negotiations element. “I have been working in procurement for nine years now, I have done HR procurement facilities, procurement construction, and for four years now I have been in technology procurement.” 

She adds: “Technology has given me a chance to grow, to understand the ever-changing industry, and it has humbled me. I am very lucky to represent women in an industry that we are not often seen in. So my favourite thing is to be able to learn and, hopefully, open doors for women in the future to come into this industry.

“I am truly inspired by the opportunities to learn, whether its technology, business equality, or something else, learning will always help to open doors for you – and those doors will hopefully open towards a better tomorrow.”

Over the course of her career so far, Diana's proudest achievement has been her journey at Teleperformance. “I always say that I stand on the shoulders of giants, because I really have been able to learn so much at Teleperformance. The company has given me a platform to help others and a career that I am proud of.”

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