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3 foods to help you focus and improve your memory

If you find your mind wandering throughout the day, you may want to add these foods to your diet, to boost your brain power and improve your focus

How to master the art of public speaking

Clear your throat, find your voice and step into the spotlight with confidence next time you speak in front of a large audience, with these helpful tips

Good food to boost your mood

To bridge the gap between nutrition and mental health, Nutritionist Kate Cook has shared her top four tips to ensure your food makes you feel great

How women can excel in male-dominated industries

Being the only, or one of the only, women in a room can be intimidating. But here’s how you can thrive in a male-dominated industry, no matter what


Kate Middleton to boost mental health support for mothers

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently started the role of Patron of the Maternal Mental Health Alliance to provide better support for women and families

Menopause symptoms deter women from applying for promotions

A report from Fawcett Society and Channel 4 shares how menopause symptoms are impacting women, and why workplaces need to adapt to be more inclusive

Gender diversity may lead to better returns for investors

Sandro Forte, CEO of Forte Financial, discusses the various ways in which prioritising gender diversity can provide better returns for investors

Google and Guides partner to teach girls how to code

Google has partnered with Girlguiding UK to launch programmes across Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers to boost girls’ interest in STEM subjects