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How can we address gender bias and inequality in AI?

Dakota Murphey delves into the pressing issue of gender bias and inequality in the field of AI, while explaining the urgent need to address it


B Corp: Are they really the gold standard of sustainability?

B Corporation certification has long been hailed as the gold standard of sustainability – we explore why

The importance of encouraging girls to study ICT subjects

Grace Alexandra, Senior Test Analyst at Quality Engineering consultancy Roq, shares the importance of encourage girls to build tech careers & how to do so

Women to feel more lonely as they progress in their careers

Women in senior positions felt more isolated, according to researchers from, Berlin Cameron, and Benenson Strategy Group

8 minutes with Estella Struck

We sat down with the New York-based CEO to find out more about her sustainable business, focused on Gen Z consumers

Meet the family leading the fight against period poverty

Period poverty is a global issue. One award-winning family enterprise is leading the fightback, on a mission to ensure no one experiences it ever again


March8 Academy: Getting girls to go green

Michelle Li shares how parents can ensure their children are taking the right steps to a more sustainable future


How to beat workplace burnout

With recent reports showing that corporate burnout is rising, Shona Hirons – otherwise known as the Burnout Angel – shares her best burnout-busting tips