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How to beat workplace burnout

With recent reports showing that corporate burnout is rising, Shona Hirons – otherwise known as the Burnout Angel – shares her best burnout-busting tips

How to support ADHD in the workplace and tackle stigma

As many women live with undiagnosed ADHD, Leanne Maskell shares her own personal experiences, while explaining how workplaces can become more inclusive


Talking pronouns and their significance in the workplace

As businesses across the globe are prioritising diversity and inclusion efforts, Carys Conlon, shares the crucial importance of respecting other’s pronouns

How to attract and retain women in STEM

To mark Women’s History Month, Natalie Gibbings, Head of Talent, Aiimi, highlights how businesses can attract and retain talented women in the STEM sector

Deloitte: Equity in the workforce, marketplace, and society

Kimberly Betts, Global Diversity Equity and Inclusion Leader for Deloitte Consumer Sector, explains how the Equity Activation Model helps other organisatio

How to handle and bounce back from criticism at work

Hearing harsh words about your work can leave you feeling helpless. However, these words aren't a reflection of you. Here's how to deal with them properly

How to make equal pay a reality

Gianna Driver, Chief Human Resources Officer at Exabeam discusses why there has been little progress on closing the gender pay gap & how we can change that

Breaking Barriers: Teaching English Abroad Empowers Women

In a world where the majority of teachers are female, we look at what sets teaching English abroad apart as a career path that empowers women