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Meet Accenture’s tech trailblazer Nitu Kaushal

Accenture’s Nitu Kaushal is passionate about AI, edge cloud and cloud computing, and will be taking centre stage to speak at SUSTAINABILITYLIVE LONDON

Could Menopause Ambassadors support women in the workplace?

Welcoming a Menopause Ambassador into the workplace shows that employers are supporting women’s health, while educating colleagues

Sophie Attwood, on balancing a career and motherhood

Mother and business owner Sophie Attwood discusses her eponymous communication business, sharing the highs, lows and words of advice

Serena Williams’s retirement: What it means for women

Tennis star Serena Williams recently announced her retirement to focus on expanding her family – news which has devastated women across the globe

How to make friends and succeed with your inner imposter

As part of Sustainability LIVE, March8 will be running a series of workshops to help educate, motivate and elevate members of our community

How to prevent feelings of imposter syndrome

Experiencing imposter syndrome is isolating – but it will happen to most of us throughout our lives. We look into how we can combate these unwanted feeling

The cost of living crisis disproportionately affects women

We’re all feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, but women are more likely to be impacted - particularly those fleeing abusive relationships

Why philanthropists need to focus on the climate crisis

Active Philanthropy’s Sandra Khusrawi talks us through the foundations of philanthropy, while highlighting the importance of climate-focused philanthropy