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Why have trust levels for women leaders dropped?

Societies' trust in women in leadership roles has dropped. We explore why as well as which country has become an emerging leader in equality

How artificial intelligence can help you find your next job

Lavin D'Souza shares how to practice interviewing skills with the help of Google’s artificial intelligence to ensure you land your dream job

Domestic abuse incidents increase by 38% during World Cup

Women’s Aid & House 337 have released the “He’s coming home” ad campaign to highlight the spike in domestic abuse cases when England loses a football match

4 Day Work Week: Boosting productivity and gender equality

A hundred companies in the UK have moved to a “transformative” four day work week, which is said to boost employee productivity and gender equality


How to overcome the fear of failure

Here’s how to embrace the uncomfortable feelings that come with the fear of failure by tackling the issue head on

Gender gap in the metaverse has led to fewer women leaders

A recent report from McKinsey found that women have been locked out of leadership roles in the metaverse, even though there are more female users

Strengthening the career ladder for women in the workplace

Dakota Murphey explores the different barriers that women face in the workplace and how businesses can work to fix the broken system


What does it take to become a social media influencer?

YouTube star Carly Rowena has built a social media empire over nine years. We sat down with her to find out how to make money from a life online