Motivate Articles

How to focus on the person behind the employee

Mark Hedley, Vice President, Talent Recruiting at G-P shares five ways businesses can focus on the person behind the employee

Why gender diversity is key for the cyber-security industry

Kris Lovejoy, Global Security and Resilience Practice Leader, Kyndryl, discusses why gender diversity is key to driving the cyber-security industry forward

The value of bringing women into male-dominated industries

Dakota Murphey discussed the multiple benefits of diversifying business by encouraging more women to enter male-dominated industries

A day in the life of TV’s Jo Pickard

As Jo Pickard has spent the majority of her career on the big screen, we caught up with her to find out what a typical day looks like for a busy actor

8 minutes with Pinar Akiskalioglu, founder of TAKK

We spoke to TAKK founder Pinar Akiskalioglu to find out more about her mission of producing eco-friendly beauty products


Invest like a VC with Paula Tavangar

How does a retail investor replicate, as closely as possible, a venture capital investment strategy? Paula Tavangar of SwissBorg Ventures explores

Find the courage to leave your comfort zone & find a passion

Fear holds us all back at some point in life – but there are ways to overcome it. Mimi Nicklin, Founder and Chief Executive of Freedm, explains how

How she got there: Kathleen Hartigan

Kathleen Hartigan, VP of International at Clari, discusses the ups and downs of her career, as well as how she found working in a male-dominated industry