EE Hope United stands against misogyny in women’s football

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EE has teamed up with elite footballers to form Hope United, in a bid to squash sexism in the upcoming UEFA Women's European Championships

Mobile network EE has joined the “Hope United” campaign to create a team of footballers committed to combatting online sexist hate against women, ahead of this summer’s UEFA Women's European Championships.

The campaign will share a series of digital skills on how to take a stand against misogyny, as well as adverts featuring a number of high-profile names, including England manager Gareth Southgate, and players Ellen White, Lucy Bronze and Jordan Henderson.

“The simple fact is that men can do better,” Gareth Southgate, manager of Hope United, commented. “Sexism and misogyny are deplorable in any space and EE’s Hope United will make men aware that they are uniquely positioned to help bring it to an end: not only by monitoring their own behaviour but that of others and, when possible, calling it out and putting a stop to it.”

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Why is this year’s focus on misogyny?

A recent survey found that 52% of the UK public don’t feel the internet is a safe space for women, and 60% of the UK believe that not enough is being done to tackle online and offline misogyny, according to data from the YouGov, commissioned by EE.

In addition, nearly half (46%) of people who have seen or experienced online sexism have let it go unreported, while 63% of UK males feel men are more responsible than women for misogynistic behaviour online, compared to 70% of women.

In response to this data, EE Hope United will bring together professional footballers to highlight the positive impact men can have on women’s football. The initiative encouraged men to become allies of women, encouraging them to own, challenge and stand up to sexist abuse when they see it.

Marc Allera, CEO of EE, said: “While the majority will be rightly giving their support to the athletes competing in the Women’s Euros this summer, there will be the vocal minority trying to denounce and discredit the women’s game.

“Now, more than ever, it is imperative we come together to champion hope over hate, placing the onus on men to own the problem: this is why EE Hope United will continue to help shape a safer online world, giving others the confidence and knowhow to help call out and put a stop to online sexist hate.”

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Who is in the EE Hope United team? 

EE Hope United is as follows: 

·        Manager – Gareth Southgate

·        Coaches – Rio Ferdinand and Rachel Brown-Finnis

·        Jordan Henderson – England

·        Dan James – Wales

·        Andy Robertson – Scotland

·        Lucy Bronze – England

·        Demi Stokes – England

·        Trent Alexander-Arnold – England

·        Rebecca Sellar – Scotland para-footballer

·        Jamal Lewis – Northern Ireland

·        Charlie Fogarty – Northern Ireland para-footballer

·        Lauren James – England

·        Aaron Ramsdale – England

·        Declan Rice – England

·        Caroline Weir – Scotland

·        Natasha Harding – Wales

·        Michail Antonio – Jamaica

·        Ellen White- England

·        Marissa Callaghan- Northern Ireland


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