The benefits of teaching kids early about coding

By Myrtle Bautista
Myrtle Bautista shares why its of paramount importance to teach girls to code from an early age

Technology continues to transform our everyday lives, especially today. From giving us access to a wealth of information to automating mundane tasks. But as you might already know, it wouldn't be possible to develop and maintain technology without coding. It's the foundation of any technology—creating and updating the software, hardware, and websites that are so pervasive in our lives. For that reason, coding is being incorporated into schools' curricula as we believe that the future is technology—and is in the hands of kids getting into STEM

But aside from that, coding carries numerous benefits that often get overlooked. And that's what this blog is going to discuss. We've listed some of the benefits of teaching kids early about coding. Let's get started!

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Coding is an incredibly valuable skill for kids to learn as it helps them develop essential problem-solving skills they can apply to real-life situations. Kids can learn how to think critically and come up with creative solutions through coding. They can develop logical, algorithmic, structural, and even computational thinking skills to deal with diverse problems they will face as they grow. These include tackling complex math problems, designing a website, or even navigating a difficult situation with family or friends.

Nurtures Creativity 

Aside from honing problem-solving skills, coding also helps foster creativity in kids by allowing them to create their own digital world. By learning how to code, kids can explore the creative possibilities of designing their own games, websites, apps, and other digital products. It allows them to express themselves and think outside of the box, which also helps them in their journey to self-discovery. Moreover, coding lets kids take ownership of their creations, giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Encourages Patience And Persistence 

As you might already know, coding can be complex and frustrating. And this complexity teaches kids two of the most important lessons in life, persistence and patience. Knowing that coding is a trial-and-error process, we can say that failure is inevitable. Fixing and finding the right code can take minutes, days, weeks, or even months. With all of these considered, coding teaches kids to be resilient in the face of failure, as they must be able to troubleshoot and find alternative solutions when their initial attempts are unsuccessful. By learning how to persevere and be resilient, kids can develop a growth mindset that will carry them through future challenges until they succeed.

Enhances Soft skills 

Another benefit of teaching kids early about coding is developing important soft skills. Besides problem-solving and creativity, coding improves focus, time management, communication, and collaboration. Usually, kids are encouraged to work in pairs or groups when it comes to building projects. And this helps develop their communication and collaboration skills as they learn to work together to brainstorm ideas, give feedback, and solve problems. 

Furthermore, time limitations on their projects allow them to focus until they finish the project in the given time. These soft skills can be invaluable in helping kids succeed in the ever-changing world of technology.

Opens Many Career Opportunities 

Finally, learning the fundamentals of coding opens up many career opportunities for your kids. Considering how technology quickly evolves as time passes, computer programmers, software engineers, web developers, and other IT jobs are in demand because of the many businesses relying on code. 

And take note that those jobs are not only limited to the technology sector but also in finance, health, retail, and other industries. If kids learn to code early, they'll have better chances of getting better career opportunities. Not to mention the high salary for qualified, competent, and experienced IT professionals.

Final Words

Getting your kids to online coding programmes at an early age provides numerous benefits. Aside from the most obvious one, building websites or apps, they can also learn some valuable skills and lessons they can use in real-life situations, such as problem-solving, communication, and perseverance. Additionally, coding can help kids become more confident and comfortable with technology, which is an invaluable asset in the modern world. As they grow fond of developing more advanced software, they can also contribute to everyone's future.


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