Top 8 best companies for women in India

Avtar and Seramount have released research published in the Most Inclusive Companies index to highlight the Best Companies for Women in India

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) momentum is surging among India’s best companies in the post-pandemic era, according to new research from Avtar and Seramount, which recently published its Most Inclusive Companies index (MICI) and its Best Companies for Women in India (BCWI) list.

The companies that have been placed in the top 8 have invested in one of the most important activities that will ensure inclusive growth and data monitoring and benchmarking – two key factors in DEI-focused organisations.

08: Mastercard India

The Give Me 5 initiative, which was inspired by the United Nations fifth Sustainable Development Goal, highlights the work Mastercard is doing for gender equality. The business focuses on three pillars: people, creating a dynamic, engaged and balanced workplace globally; society, driving an inclusive approach to business; market, bringing balance and equal access to products and solutions.

07: Infosys Limited

Through Infosys’s Leadership Institute, the company aims to strengthen its gender diversity, specifically, through the Women in Leadership interventions. The business also advocates women’s advancement through the #IAmTheFuture, a year-long programme which trains women for leadership roles. #IAmTheFuture was designed in partnership with Stanford GSB, and provides holistic development opportunities.

06: IBM India Private

IBM India is a proud advocate of women, having launched studies exploring the details of women in leadership roles. The company also states that 41% more women have been hired in the last three years, there are 29% more female executives and 39% of all promotions were awarded to women. 

05: Genpact India

Genpact India offers employees the Women's Leadership Programme, which was designed in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing, to help create the next generation of leaders and for women to accelerate their careers. The business has also been sure to cultivate an affinity group for women in AI, analytics and digital to create broaden the opportunities available for women in the STEM sectors.

04: EY

Through the Women. Fast forward project, EY is empowering a diverse workforce by enabling women and girls to reach their potential. The programme offers mentorship, education, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, to ensure girls and women are equipped with the tools they need to thrive. EY is committed to closing the gender gap creating a nurturing environment for all.

03: Citi, India

At the end of June 2022, Citi had 38 networks across Asia Pacific to create inclusive and diverse environments for employees, including Citi Women’s Networks, Disability: Enabling Diverse Abilities Networks, Families Matter Networks, and Pride Networks. Citi also uses the #OnYourTerms initiative organised by CitiGold to celebrate the advancement of women.

02: Barclays, India

Aiming to improve the gender representation of women in India, Barclays’ India prioritises advancing women’s careers. Through the Women Initiative Network (WIN), employees volunteer their time to promote women's empowerment as part of the gender agenda. Barclays has also partnered with the United Nations in their HeForShe campaign, which engages one billion men in the advancement of women's rights.

01: Accenture Solutions Private Ltd

As part of Accenture’s mission to improve DEI initiatives and empower women, the company launched the Vaahini platform. For over a decade, Accenture Vaahini has celebrated women through sharing inspiring content and focusing on the smarts and sass that help women carve niche careers.


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