Top 8 ways to improve DEI in the workplace

Businesses are seeing the value of their employees, but some lack the initiatives that encourage DEI in the workplace - here's eight ways they can improve

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) sums up a major area for consideration among organisations. Businesses are faced with new challenges when it comes to incorporating this into their teams, and human resources processes for employee retention. 

As a result of workplace culture shifts, companies are looking to become more diverse and leverage the abilities of their employees to spark ideas and growth. So, for them, DEI is a huge part of their daily working lives. Here are some of the ways in which firms can improve the workplace.

08: Promote diversity and inclusion across social media platforms

In the digital era, the majority of businesses are on social media and customers and employees—particularly those of large organisations—want to know what is going on behind the scenes. If your business is diverse at heart and strives to include everyone then this is something worth shouting about. 

Sharing these insights on social media and your website could drive the next generation of hiring and encourage more ideas and growth in the organisation. 

07: Learn exactly how diverse your company is

To provoke change in the organisation requires insight. Undergoing employee resource groups (ERGs) allow companies to find out from their employees what they think of the organisation and how it incorporates diversity. ERGs must consist of individuals of variety and allow ample opportunity for them to speak out about the business without intervention or discrimination. 

06: Speak to your diverse workforce

The workplace may already seem diverse, but to encourage further growth in this area, speak to employees from all backgrounds individually and find out firsthand what they think could be achieved as a result of developing DEI. This is an ongoing process and one that great HR leaders will be able to incorporate regularly into business operations. 

Use this information to spread the word about the company’s diversity and incorporate quotes and interviews into the business’ marketing strategy. Create videos and other promotional content to let the outside world know.

05: Standardise inclusive language

There are many adjustments to be made to language in the workplace. With no clear separation like ‘ladies and gentlemen’, it’s important to incorporate inclusive terms that don’t exclude individuals based on their gender choices. While adhering to political correctness, terms like ‘normal’, ‘guys’, and ‘minorities, are exclusive. 

Addressing the ‘people’ in your organisation in the correct ways will include all ‘teammates’ irrespective of their origins.

04: As CEO, address DEI regularly

We see many organisations publishing reports on DEI, but regular contact from the company’s CEO, or representative of the c-suite, will motivate and inspire the workforce to team up and continue its great work. Alternatively, if there are negative connotations towards DEI, the leadership team can address this regularly to let employees know that it has recognised the need for change. 

03: Mentor and developing underrepresented groups

‘Underrepresented’ being the more inclusive term for ‘minority’, this is something that will instantly shed light on the company’s success with DEI. Not only will leaders gain insight into the current trends of the workforce, but they will be able to mentor and encourage the development of these groups to increase the representation in higher roles. If the organisation is seen to incorporate diversity into its leadership team, it is likely to receive further diverse applications for jobs.

02: Create a dedicate diversity video or report

Take a deep dive into the company’s history and come up with a message to support the need for diversity in the workplace. Search online for the videos and reports presented by leading organisations, such as this video from Apple which also contributes with its own impact accelerator project. 

More firms are using data to analyse their teams alongside human testimonials to get the most out of their DEI strategies

01: Make employment valuable for diverse groups

Updating your employee value proposition is a start. Following COVID-19, there appears to have been a shift in sentiment towards working, particularly when it comes to job satisfaction. Money is no longer the be-all and end-all of work and more individuals require job satisfaction to uphold their positions. 

Businesses must understand the value of their employees, despite their backgrounds, and provide opportunities beyond their paychecks. Training, personal development, social support, and the chance to support charitable movements.


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