Top 8 workplaces that prioritise disability inclusion

We look at eight companies that have made disability inclusion a priority, to ensure they’re creating a diverse and equitable workforce

The Disability Equality Index (DEI) has highlighted the best places for employees to work in 2022, by providing a comprehensive benchmarking tool for disability inclusion. Although over 250 companies scored 100%, we’ve listed our top eight that have exceptional standards.

08: PwC

To support employees with disabilities, PwC has a DAWN (Disability, AWareness Network). DAWN works to support everyone with disabilities, including those who are personally affected, as well as those who support colleagues or relatives. PwC has a range of other networks to support staff, including Black Network, Gender Balance and Military Network.

07: TIAA

TIAA has been widely recognised as a leading disability employer, with Sean Woodroffe, TIAA’s Chief People Officer explaining: "TIAA is proud to be a truly inclusive company. We value the unique perspectives of our diverse associate base and work to ensure that we create opportunities for professional development, community involvement and overall career enrichment for all."

06: Nike

Committed to breaking down barriers for all, Nike believes ‘If you have a body, you’re an athlete’. As a result, the company strives to create a workplace without limitations and to advocate for and elevate the voice of the disability community. Nike explains: “We fuel a community that empowers athletes with disabilities through innovative and inclusive products like FlyEase and through strong community partnerships.”

05: Microsoft

Stating that “the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is typically twice that of people without”, Microsoft is on a mission to increase the representation of disabled employees within the company. To ensure all employees contribute to creating an equal and inclusive workplace, Microsoft has also introduced disability etiquette

04: Deloitte

Deloitte aims to provide an environment where people with both visible and non-visible disabilities can actively and fully participate in the workplace and society. Deloitte Global and Deloitte firms have launched a number of awareness-building, coaching and education programmes to enable professionals with disabilities to reach their full potential within the organisation.

03: Google

Search engine giant Google states: “Access is only the starting point. We’re co-creating a world where people with disabilities can thrive.” To achieve this, Google is building workplaces where people with disabilities feel seen, valued and empowered by making a product more accessible for people with disabilities and nurturing an inclusive culture.

02: Capital One

Financial corporation Capital One strives to support disability inclusion through a number of initiatives, including providing disability insurance with no added cost and extra coverage to provide peace of mind for employees. The company is also an equal opportunity employer committed to providing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

01: Bayer

German multinational pharmaceutical company Bayer proudly searches for the brightest talent, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin and disability, while working towards to comittment of increasing the proportion of people with disabilities in the company to more than 5% by 2030.


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