Top 8 YouTube accounts for women in business

On a quest to learn something new? Subscribe to these educational YouTube channels hosted by some of the best women in the business

Learning new skills doesn’t have to involve hours of reading books, listening to podcasts or scrolling through the internet – it can be as simple as tuning in to your favourite YouTube channel. These platforms have all been created by female founders, who have made it their mission to share their knowledge with their followers, covering topics such as coding, finance, entrepreneurship, and more.

08: Marie Forleo

Sharing inspirational videos and advice that will benefit viewers both personally and professionally, Marie Forleo shares a range of topics, spanning entrepreneurship, philanthropy and leadership, to name a few. With new episodes every Tuesday, the self-proclaimed “multi-passionate entrepreneur” will inspire you with wit and wisdom.

07: Clever Girl Finance

Sharing that on average, women earn 20% less than men, Clever Girl Finance helps women achieve financial wellness. With over 114K subscribers, that platform works to empower women to pursue their financial goals with confidence, by providing the tools and knowledge needed to pursue financial success.

06: Launch To Wealth

Host Vanessa Ideh Adekoya, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, gave up her prestigious career to build an online platform dedicated to educating women that provides essential tools and resources needed to thrive in the digital economy. Launch To Wealth discusses hot topics, such as passive income, small business ideas and how to grow social media platforms. 

05: Mayuko

Software Engineer and Content Creator Mayuko Inoue created her platform to help women navigate their way through the world of technology. While sharing her own experiences in the tech industry, as well as tips and tricks on topics such as coding and networking, Mayuko creates relatable content that provides motivation and learning opportunities. 

04: Women of Impact

Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory, hosts Women of Impact, a channel that shares the stories of women who have overcome hardship to achieve massive success. Each video aims to educate and inspire other women, to help them feel empowered and confident to make the necessary changes to their lives.

03: Jade Darmawangsa

This millennial openly shares her entrepreneurial journey, by highlighting her successes, failures and business tips for viewers. Having started her first business selling dolls when she was just nine years old, Jade Darmawangsa refers to personal anecdotes in her videos to help others progress. She is also passionate about helping viewers grow their social media following – a relatable topic for many millennials.

02: CreativeMornings

Tina Roth Eisenberg launched CreativeMornings back in 2008, as she had a dream of creating a community in New York, which provided breakfast and a short talk every Friday morning – so she made that dream a reality. CreativeMornings is now a platform where like-minded individuals can view talks from a range of speakers from across the globe.

01: Sunny Lenarduzzi

This self-made millionaire grew her small social media consulting company into a thriving business in just a matter of years. Now, Sunny Lenarduzzi encourages women to be their own boss, while tips on marketing, platform growth and algorithms. By sharing informative how-to guides, transparent anecdotes and in-depth explanations, Sunny is on a mission to help her followers achieve the same success that she did. 


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