Female interest in Dubai real estate sector has grown by 50%

The real estate sector in Dubai has seen a massive increase in female participation, according to data from Dubai Land Department

Throughout 2022, Dubai's real estate sector witnessed a massive increase in female participation, where 26,698 female investors registered 33,419 real estate investments, worth more than AED58.8bn (US$16bn).

This represents a growth of 50.7% in volume and 53% in value from 2021. Women’s interest in the sector grew by 50.8% from 2021, according to Dubai Land Department (DLD) data.

Women are making an impact on the real estate sector through developer and broker roles, as well as through investments. In fact, women account for 34% of registered real estate brokers according to DLD data, with 4,519 women brokers involved in 8,606 transactions totalling AED696mn (US$189mn).

Why more women are buying property in Dubai

Women's increasing investments in Dubai's real estate market reflect the UAE's leadership's commitment to empowering women in various economic and social sectors, WAM states.

Dubai has a robust regulatory framework which offers strong protection of investments, while also encouraging women to invest in the local industry due to the country’s positive economic outlook and resilience to regional and global fluctuations.

Women have been drawn to invest in Dubai-based properties as the sector has been proven to sustain growth while providing some of the world’s best returns for real estate investments. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai recently announced plans to double the size of the emirate’s economy in the next 10 years, known as the Dubai Economic Agenda D33. Women are believed to be a vital part of achieving this goal. 

Dubai is prioritising gender balance by elevating women in decision-making positions through the UAE Gender Balance Council and encouraging more engagement in key economic sectors. 

With annual transactions setting new records, the Dubai real estate sector contributed significantly to the objectives of the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 following another exceptional year for the city.


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