HRT to be made cheaper for menopausal women

Women experiencing menopause will soon be able to access HRT – the main treatment for menopause symptoms – for under £20 a year

A new scheme in the UK will provide women with a year's supply of menopause prescription items for the price of two single prescriptions.

From April 1 2023, women will have access to a year's worth of treatment for £18.70, potentially saving them up to £205. The scheme is estimated to impact 400,000 women, allowing them to have a prescription pre-payment certificate (PPC) for HRT valid for 12 months.

What are pre-payment certificates?

The PPC can be used to access HRT prescription items, which patients can use for an unlimited number of HRT items, spanning tablets, patches and topical preparations. The certificates will not have a limit to how many times they can be used while valid.

“We know that cost can be one of the barriers that women face in accessing treatment to manage their symptoms during menopause, and the introduction of HRT PPCs is a positive step to improve access to HRT,” Dr Ranee Thakar, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says. “This announcement is an important first step, and we hope that more will be done to address the challenges and inequalities faced in accessing menopause care and treatment.”

Prioritising menopause support

HRT is currently prescribed to around 15% of women in England between 45 and 64, an increase that has occurred rapidly in the last 2 years from around 11%.

In addition to reducing the cost of HRT, the government is working with suppliers to boost supply and meet the growing demand by encouraging and supporting them. PPC has been released as part of the government’s strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of girls and women. Menopause has been set as a priority. 

“Around three-quarters of women will experience menopause symptoms, with a quarter experiencing severe symptoms - which can seriously impact their quality of life,” says Minister for Women, Maria Caufield. “Reducing the cost of HRT is a huge moment for improving women’s health in this country, and I am proud to be announcing this momentous step forward.

“In our Women’s Health Strategy, we made menopause a top priority. By making HRT more accessible, we’re delivering on our commitment to women.”


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