Sue Fennessy, advocating women in sustainability

This week, we’re putting Sue Fennessy in the spotlight, to recognise her pioneering work to boost the number of women in the sustainability sector

WeAre8 Founder and CEO Sue Fennessy is a serial tech entrepreneur with a clear vision of the future of digital media. 

Sue has spent the last 30 years creating disruptive businesses across Asia, Europe and North America, and was highlighted by Forbes as a leading innovator in 2017. 

Prior to WeAre8, Sue was the Founder and former CEO of the world’s leading media data aggregation business, Standard Media Index, that is used by the biggest media companies globally. From this unique view of the $500 billion advertising market, Sue became obsessed with the amount of money going to large social platforms and the negative impact these platforms were having. 

Now through WeAre8, she has built a transformational platform that is revolutionising how people experience social media and engage with brands, all while giving back to people and the planet.

Representing women in sustainability

At the SUSTAINABILITY LIVE LONDON  event, which will take place on Wednesday 7 September and Thursday 8 September, Sue will be joining the March8 team to deliver a keynote on Women in Sustainability. 

“We have less than 8 years until the damage we have done to the planet is irreversible,” Sue says. That’s why she wants to share her mission and vision that sits beneath The People's Platform that is uniting millions of brands and people to solve the world’s biggest problems. 

Sue will also introduce WeAre8’s ‘Sustainable Ad Manager’ (SAM-i), which is delivering transformational results for advertisers while making a measurable impact. Sustainable solutions are needed now more than ever and Sue has built the technology that can help us drive a better, kinder, future giving back to people, planet, and profit all at the same time.


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