Top 10 employers empowering women in the US

Company culture can make or break career opportunities, which is why we’re celebrating the top large employers for women in the US
10: Progressive

Based in Mayfield Village, US, Progressive is a financial services and insurance and has become known for its DEI initiatives. Progressive has been transparent about its progress in promoting gender diversity and has been recognised as a leader in this area by organisations such as Forbes and Working Mother. The company's efforts to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for women make it an attractive employer for female job seekers.

09: Asana

Asana has been recognised as a good place for women to work due to its commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. The company has implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting gender diversity and creating a supportive work environment for women, such as offering flexible work arrangements, promoting work-life balance, and providing training and resources to support women's professional growth.

08: White Glove Community Care

Providing quality care across New York, New Jersey, and Florida, White Glove Community Care has been awarded the eight best employers for women. Of the company's 6,000 employees 80% are women, meaning 73.3% of non-executive managers and 80% of executive managers are women. “White Glove allows you to have the flexibility of obtaining a work life balance,” employees say. “Everyone that is involved clinically has been very respectful.”

07: Slalom

With an employee resource group, named Slalom Women, Slalom has emerged as a leading company that connects, elevates, and celebrates women to enable equitable voices to be shared throughout the business. Slalom Women provides a number of resources to help empower women – including technical certification training, mentorship programmes and book clubs – to help everyone reach their full potential and to shape the future.


A survey found that 97% of CIENCE employees felt that the company was a great place to work, exceeding the 57% average of other companies in the US. “I have never worked for a company that seems to genuinely care about its employees,” employees say. “My child has had a string of illnesses and I was afraid I would lose my job because of the number of absences. Instead, I have had so much support and care given to me that I cannot even explain the difference it has made.”

05: Comcast NBCUniversal

Two decades ago, news and television entertainment network Comcast launched initiatives to identify and cultivate diverse talent in the media industry. Now, it offers the industry’s widest range of programmes designed to build a diverse pipeline of talent, while elevating women. One example is the Female Forward initiative, which provides female directors with an entry into scripted television and gives the opportunity to shadow current directors on up to two episodes of an NBC series.

04: American Express

With women making up more than half of their global network, American Express has become a leading employer, committed to supporting the advancement of women. To do so, the company actively promotes the growth of female employees, providing the sponsorship, tools and resources needed to succeed. They also hold the bi-annual Global Women’s Conference, which unites male and female allies from across the globe to discuss ambition, leadership and company culture.

03: Cisco

Technology giant Cisco looks to attract, develop, retain and celebrate talented women throughout their Women of Cisco global community. The company also has the Women Rock IT programme, which provides informative, educational programming throughout the year so that women can connect, thrive, and reach their full potential. The content gives insight into the future of IT and the expansive career opportunities that technology can offer.

02: Pinnacle Financial Partners

By promoting women from within the company, Pinnacle Financial Partners has created an environment that ensures women from a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives have the opportunities to thrive. “The amount of trust they have in their employees to do the right thing and execute on a professional level is so refreshing,” employees say. “Pinnacle Financial Partners allows me to be a mom first and an employee second, which is incredible.”

01: Hilton

As one of the world’s fastest-growing hospitality companies, Hilton has been awarded the number one place for women to work. With over 150,000 female employees, Hilton has prioritised cultivating a culture that encourages women to thrive, while encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Employees say: “I believe the biggest driving factor of our awesome work environment is that everyone is truly embraced for who they are, the season of life they are in, and what their goals are.”


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