Top 8 large companies that champion women

These eight companies have been voted as the best in the world for creating diverse, equal and inclusive workplaces for women

It’s no secret that women face greater challenges in the workplace than men, with 42% of women reporting feelings of burnout, and one in four undertaking caregiving roles in addition to full-time jobs. 

But what are the best companies for women to work for? collated anonymous feedback from large companies (with more than 500 employees), to discover the highest-rated companies for women. 

08: ArcBest

Committed to creating a workplace that embraces all cultures, languages, perspectives and experiences, ArcBest is passionate about providing the best atmosphere for employees. Employee says: “I like the transparency they provide and the mix of men and women that serve on our leadership team.”

07: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

BCG drives measurable change in DEI, to build teams that fully reflect the diversity in the world. Employee says: “I don’t need to worry about my benefits covering me and my family. For example, my health insurance plan has no premiums, no deductible, and very low co-pays.”

06: Insight Global

Insight Global is a company passionate about giving back. In fact, the company launched as a start-up in 2001, born from the idea that staffing could be less about financial gain and corporate in-roads, and more about genuine relationships and meaningful impact. Employees say: “I truly look up to the female leadership in this company. These women are powerful!”

05: Medallia

As a pioneer and market leader in Experience Management, Medallia has gained a solid reputation as an inclusive workplace for women. Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch has previously said: “Confronting inequality takes more than words, it takes action,” and that Medallia is ‘committed to driving change, creating more equitable environments’. Employees say: “They promote people from within and continually support women in leadership roles.”

04: HubSpot

CRM platform Hubspot, which provided consumers with the tools needed to grow, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, and build powerful websites, has been named as the fourth best employer for women. Employees say: “Women leaders at HubSpot actively seek to support, empower, and celebrate other women.”

03: Adobe

Changing the world through digital experiences, Adobe has become a leader in creative design – and equality in the workplace. Employees say: “We have lots of leaders committed to iterating programmes and policies that will benefit all employees, especially women and underrepresented groups at the company.”

02: Experian

For all of life’s big financial events, from going to university to buying a home, Experian helps consumers and clients manage their data with confidence so they can maximise every opportunity. Employee says: “I appreciate the different benefits, the ERGs and the support they give to women. And also that they understand the current situation and how it affects families and therefore our work.”

01: IBM

Tech-giant International Business Machines (IBM) is a multinational corporation, passionate about creating an inclusive work environment and getting more women into the tech sector. Employees say: “At IBM, a woman is free to express her opinion, and express interest in taking on a work item without fear of being shut down. It’s a wonderful place for women to work that is full of real opportunities for women to contribute.” 



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