Top 8 wellness products to help lift the January blues

January’s the month to stay inside, set goals and prepare for the months ahead. These products will help you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world
08: Pink Clay AHA Face Mask MK1

Smear FaceTheory’s Pink Clay AHA Face Mask MK1 on your skin to leave it feeling bright and hydrated. The ultra-ventilated facial mask contains a blend of premium, superfine French clay to deliver powerful exfoliation that's gentle on the skin. Just apply a thin layer on your face once or twice a week to feel the benefits of this wondrous mask.

07: Bouclème Scalp Massager

Hair health is an often overlooked necessity, yet with the Bouclème Scalp Massager, you can exfoliate your scalp and hair growth with ease. As you move the massager over the scalp in circular motions, you encourage circulation, the key to long, healthy and luscious locks. Specially designed to fit the grip of your hand, the massager is easy and convenient to use.

06: Unity Diffuser Light Wood

Calm stress and anxiety with the Unity Diffuser from Smellacloud. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or office space, this light wood design resonates with the aura of your home, to ensure your home is always smelling amazing. It is also BPA-Free to ensure you and your loved ones are always safe.

05: Classic Lapel Collar Silk Robe

Relax at home in style with the Classic Lapel Collar Silk Robe from Lily Silk. The luxurious fabric is soft and feels lovely against the skin, while the refreshed design brings style and sophistication to your loungewear. The fabric is light, breathable and made with 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk.

04: The Self-Care For Everywhere Wash Kit

Developed with gynaecologists and dermatologists, Luna’s The Self-Care For Everywhere Wash Kit is the ultimate kit for you to self-care absolutely everywhere. The three-step regime makes it easy to wash, care and refresh your skin wherever you are. The kit includes The Everywhere Wash, The Everything Oil and The Everywhere Spray-to-wipe.

03: Peacock Eye Mask

Sit back, relax and get some much-needed R&R with this luxurious peacock eye mask from Elizabeth Scarlett. Each of the brand's stunning masks feature different creatures that are beautifully embroidered, ranging from tigers, dragonflies, seahorses, and of course peacocks and more. Each mask is also filled with sweet lavender to help you drift away into a dreamy night's sleep.

02: White Jade Facial Roller

This easy-to-use facial massage tool from The White Company will help to stimulate blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage, leaving your face feeling light and radiant. The sleek design enables the White Jade Facial Rollers to effortlessly glide over skin, working from the neck and chin area to the cheeks and forehead. The roller also features a smaller roller to massage around the eyes.

01: Genius Lift Elixir

If you keep one item in your beauty arsenal, it should be Beauty Pie’s Genius Lift Elixir. Massaging a few drops onto your skin with toner or serum will plump, elasticate and hydrate skin. The formula is infused with barrier-boosting Fission-Y, hyperpigmentation-fighting Vitamin C and a powerful new Hyaluronic-Acid-strength Polynesian Seaweed humectant. 


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