Top 8 self-care products to make you look and feel radiant

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Taking care of your skin can make you look and feel amazing – but with so many fantastic products on the market, it can be hard to know what to choose
08: Olor

Peony Bloom Classic Candle

Put your feet up and relax while burning this peony-scented candle, which boasts mid-summer notes of apples, rose, gillyflower and jasmine. Made with white transparent glass and with a burn time of approximately 34 hours, you’ll be able to unwind while watching the flame gently flicker into the evening. 

07: Tabitha Eve

Reusable Make-Up Rounds

Wipe away make-up with minimal effort, thanks to these organic make-up rounds. Made from cotton and bamboo, these rounds are the perfect alternative to cotton make-up removal pads, as they’re reusable, eco-friendly, and plastic-free. Each round is hand-made, cruelty-free and ethically made.

06: Virginutty

Skin Drink Moisturiser

Made with quality virgin coconut oil, this deeply nourishing balm moisturises skin and stimulates collagen. Apply once daily across the body to lock in moisture, prevent wrinkles and leave you feeling radiant. With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, this lotion can also help to fight eczema.

05: Know and Love

Rosehip and Argan Facial Oil

Just a few drops of this concentrated blend of rosehip and argan oil will give your face a dewy and radiant appearance. The deeply conditioning formula is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate skin, while restoring balance and calming the redness of sensitive skin.

04: Hudson Home

Citrus and Basil Hand Lotion

Lime, mandarin and basil come together to create this zesty, uplifting hand lotion. Sweet almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter and argan oil are also delicately blended to ensure skin is left feeling silky smooth and moisturised. This luxurious lotion comes in a stylish glass brown bottle, which is recyclable.

03: ESPA Skincare

Neroli and Mandarin Hand Balm

This deeply nourishing balm that soothes, protects and strengthens dry skin is ideal for hard-working hands. The balm contains shea butter, jojoba and rosehip oil to hydrate, nourish and revive skin, as well as neroli and green mandarin essential oils to lightly fragrance hands and leave them beautifully soft. 

02: Calidad Home

Silk Scrunchie

Made from 100% mulberry silk, these luxurious hair scrunchies have been designed to take care of your hair, while reducing split ends, breakage, and other signs of damage. Each band is super strong, yet avoids creating kinks and creases – perfect for anyone who sleeps with their hair tied back.

01: fiils

Refillable Shampoo and Conditioner

Start your sustainability journey by filling up, instead of throwing away. All you need to do is order your refillable aluminium bottles (available in silver, rose gold and copper), and top them up with the 80% plastic-free refills. All of fiils’ products are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and available in a variety of fragrant scents made with 100% natural essential oils, such as coconut, pomelo and lemongrass.


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