Top 8 platforms to help you learn new skills

Do you feel the constant urge to learn something new, but struggle to find the time to do so?
08: LinkedIn Learning with Lynda

Tailored for training and professional development, this online platform is a sure-fire way to empower employees with new knowledge. With thousands of professional online courses featuring the most relevant workforce topics, LinkedIn Learning is a vital tool that builds in-demand skills to help both individuals and businesses grow. All videos are designed by content leaders and delivered by industry experts.

07: Duolingo

Now’s the time to stop putting it off, and to start your language learning journey. Whether you’ve always fancied tackling Italian, Spanish, or even something a little less mainstream, such as Hebrew or Swahili, Duolingo will teach you step-by-step, with fun and easy-to-understand tasks. Dedicating just 10 to 15 minutes a day to the app, you’ll fit in with the natives in no time.

06: Udemy

With over 183,000 online video courses to choose from, and with new additions published every month, Udemy is the ideal place to go to learn a new skill. From marketing and music to development and design, there’s bound to be a course to suit each individual, to help them transform their lives through education.

05: Pianu

The friendly folk at Pianu believe that anyone can play the piano, but given the size of the instrument, this isn’t always possible. That’s why they’ve decided to make an app, which allows music lovers to practice their piano and keyboard skills while they’re on the go. The online lessons are fun, affordable and accessible to all.

04: Codecademy

Offering self-paced learning that’s suitable for every level of the coding journey. Codecademy has created a support community to encourage learners through every step of their journey. As coding has become an invaluable skill in today's tech-centred world, investing in lessons is a great way to improve individuals and businesses alike. 

03: Coursera

With courses, certificates and degrees from world-class universities and companies, Coursera offers training in a wide range of subjects, such as engineering, data science, mathematics, digital marketing, medicine, social sciences, and many others. Coursera is great for those who are looking to advance their careers, brush up on their skills, or learn something completely new.

02: FutureLearn

This platform does what it says on the tin. By helping users unlock their knowledge and skills with online courses from the world’s leading universities and brands, individuals and businesses can progress their careers — or even just discover a new hobby — with FutureLearn. The online community gives users the opportunity to connect with other learners, to create a supportive education environment.

01: SkillShare

Do you want to become more creative and push your boundaries? With SkillShare, you can discover and unlock your passion, side hustle, or even a new professional skill with access to thousands of classes. Each class has friendly teachers to lead you towards your goals as you craft your own unique learning journey.


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